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GTA IV Streets For Vice + Hi Res
A HD re-texture Mod
Information Files
Author: GTA3&VCmodder
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 2.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Jan 2010
Last Updated: 21 Jan 2011
Views: 85026
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.43477 (23 votes)
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This mod makes your gta3.img 30 % bigger then the original one! (more with part2 additionally installed ;)

ALL Streets in Vice will be Replaced by their GTA IV counterparts, in addition to that there will be more than 400 textures (only part 1 installed) from the city replaced with Hi Res ones (40 % of them - Ground Textures, 50 % of them - Building Textures, 10 % of them - small misc. tweaks)

I replaced about 90 % of Vice Citys Grass with Hi Res Textures. (50 % 512*512, 50 % 1024*1024)

The Streets are just 5 % of the whole mod. I mainly concentrate on:
- getting the whole game look better & keeping the value in it, keep it real
- adding cutscene objects (chairs, briefcases, with double resolution than ingame one) ingame.
- reworking interiors & exteriors for tommys hideouts (sunyard is now in HD as well as vercetti estate, ocean view, cherry popper, malibu club, strip club, ... )
- make hd versions of city texures (Complete starfish Island in part 2)
- replace common objects with hd textures (exploding barrels, crates, rocks, swimming pools, beach textures, carpets, walls, hedges, grounds, staircases, dirt)
- a easy install with a script file

This Mod does not/is not:
- Adding super new sportcars; which ruins the look of the game completely
- replace any effects; there are plenty of those mods. i prefer my personal 51 mb (compressed) particle.txd, what i dont release.
- adding any textures that wasnt in the game at all (except 2 san andreas ones, that fittet perfectly). I used hard modyfied original textures, so that they are High Res.
- Ruins the games looks by adding complete unfitting stuff like laser guns and weapons from halo/super new rifles



IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Generic.txd file from the models folder will not be replaced automatically, I thought since the most using an already (probably better) modified one its better you have the option to replace it manually if your using the Original file or edit your personal one with the Textures of the one from my archive. Anyway, this file is very important. So replacing or editing, your choice.

Forget to include redone generic.txd file in part 2. But its in the grassfix archive.

Running on old/slow Systems the game could lag. This mod is for newer/faster/better systems.

Important: If your game crashes at the beginning-loading, edit your gta-vc.exe with steve-m ´s limit adjuster, to about 150 mb and try again.
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guy123 commented over 11 years ago:
can I use this with Vice Cry 1.7.2? great mod, have a cookie! :cookie:
GTA3&VCmodder commented over 13 years ago:
Thanks, its been a while since i last checked the comments here. Besides, particle.txd has grown to 72 mb and the game can still handle it. About 90% of the textures are changed now. The trees didnt changed because i only changed the wood, not the leafes of them. Get yourself a palm mod with models included, best working solution for me. Original models are way too bulky for sirious retexturing, and i can´t model. New offer: I upload the particle and everyone who is asking in a pm and promising not to steal it and reupload it somewhere else is getting the link. But bear in mind it could take a few days, cause i can´t check my pm´s here everyday.
Texture expert commented over 13 years ago:
nearly my game had became a best hd game because of your mod Thank you and great respect to you sir
keny2 commented over 13 years ago:
:O :O :O best VC mod i've ever seen! Upload the effects(particle etc) and i will f*cking love you :inlove: !
momchilkata commented over 13 years ago:
This is a very cool mod but whay my tree's are the same?
GTA3&VCmodder commented over 14 years ago:
@ Ziero_1986 Thanks for positive reaction.Thats a nice idea, but i think you dont understand exactly what the aim of the mod is. I think you mean is, for example: changing the Burger Shot billboards and stores to (for example) McDonalds ones from the 80s. But thats exactly what i wont do! Because there are a lot of mods which does that. My mod stays strictly in the gta universe but gets out as much of the game as possible, by not adding "new Stuff" instead "reworking old stuff".
Ziero_1986 commented over 14 years ago:
Great mod, I love it! Here's an idea for part 3: Changing billboards/ads to resemble real-life ones or making building/stores resemble real-life ones. Use commonly known stores.billboards/ads to reduce confusion, but I think Vice City's 80s theme should be maintained, so that would require using items popular in the 80s (obviously using the 80s versions of said stores, etc.)
danigold1 commented over 14 years ago:
great mod! 5/5 ;)
GTA3&VCmodder commented over 14 years ago:
Sreenshots are uploaded and should appear shortly.
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