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Seville & Temple Families
Turns Gang 9 & 10 into The Seville & Temple Famies
Information Files
Author: TheTurretTheo
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2.4
Status: Complete
Started on: 26 Jul 2016
Last Updated: 20 May 2018
Views: 22551
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.8 (5 votes)
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GangWar Showcase Video:

This mod turns Gang 9 and Gang 10 into The Temple Drive Families and Seville Boulevard Families and changes the Temple Drive Ballas tag to Temple Drive Families.
There's also a Things To Do In San Andreas compatible version.

The Seville Boulevard Families walk around in Playa Del Seville and The Temple Drive Families walk around in Temple and near the Santa Maria Beach.

Firstly install Cleo and Modloader.
Then download Extended GangWars 1.1, make a folder called 'ExGangWars' in the 'modloader' folder and put ExGangWars.asi in that folder.

Now open the SevTemV2.5.rar file, open the 'Seville & Temple' foler and pick a version of this mod you need (Standard GTA SA or Things To Do In San Andreas (Latest fixed release by Crspy) Mod Compatible).
Extract all the files to you GTA SA Directory. After that extract the ExGangWars.ini to the same folder where the ExGangWars.asi is located.
You can change the Exgangwars.ini to your own liking.
You can also download the Gang Stats Fix to fix the gang stats, this contains an edited american.gxt.
Also, if you are using the TTDISA version you have to set the priority of the mod higher then TTDISA.

To save your 'territory progress' on a savegame, save the game on that savegame with the mod enabled,
quit the game and delete the 'SEVBLVDFAM' and 'TEMPLEDRIVEFAM' cleo scripts in your cleo folder.

After Reuniting The Families, install the RTF Script, save, quit and delete the cleo file.
This is needed to prevent the Ballas and Temple Drive Families / Seville Boulevard Families owning one territory at the same time after the Green Sabre.

Thanks to Surya386 and bmb for inspiring me to make this mod.
Thanks to SMACKED! for the Temple Drive Families Tag.
And Thanks to Silent for making the Extended GangWars Mod.


-Original Temple Drive Families only mod.

-Added Seville Boulevard Families.
-Some Improvements.

V2 (July 19th, 2017):
-Picked up the mod again after one year.
-Redid cleo scripts to fix crashes.
-Temple Drive Families now own the Santa Maria Beach.

V2.1 (July 20th, 2017):
-Added GangGuns.cs
-Switched some Temple and Seville skins.

V2.2 (July 22nd, 2017):
-Added RTF Script.
-Added Gang Stats Fix.
-Switched some Temple skins for TTDISA compatibility.

V2.3 (October 7th, 2017):
-TTDISA Version is now fully compatible with the Fixed Vol1.

V2.4 (October 13th, 2017):
-TTDISA Version is now REALLY compatible with the Fixed Vol1.

V2.5 (May 20th, 2018) (Current):
-Swapped TTDISA and STANDARD version's data folder. (Accidentally used the incorrect folder)
-Added Italian Mafia as Bonus.
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GroveStGTAV commented over 2 years ago:
How can i truly install this. I did what did you said in readme. But always gives me a crash. Help me
Tiago_The_Gamer96 commented over 2 years ago:
You should switch the dark green gangsters to sevilhe and the bright green ones should go to temple
Jeansowaty commented over 4 years ago:
OK, though many months will pass before they approve it... this site doesn't have as much power as it used to :dozing: so what about that alternate link? :)
TheTurretTheo commented over 4 years ago:
I'm on vacation so I wont be able to finish the mod / add a download link. When I'm back from vacation I'll finish the mod. And then I'm gonna work on version 1.1 ;)
Jeansowaty commented over 4 years ago:
Can you provide a link on Speedyshare/Mediafire/Dropbox/whatever else before it's approved? I'm curious on how it looks like :sigh:
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V2.1 Update
-Added GangGuns.cs -Improved TEMPLEDRIVEFAM.cs and SEVBLVDFAM.cs -Switched some Temple and Seville skins.

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