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GTA:Martial Arts
An Inspiration For R*, Part II
Information Files
Author: AK-73
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: v0.9.0.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 10 May 2007
Last Updated: 04 Feb 2012
Views: 55604
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.46667 (15 votes)
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The latest version is: v0.9.0.1.

Version now makes a new opcode (0673) available that can be used to play any animation (including non-fighting ones) on an actor anytime from script. This can be considered a side-bonus of GTA:MA.

2ND ADDITION: IFP Suite for Gmax has been released. This suite allows the creation of custom .ifp files from Gmax. Combined with GTA:MA you can thus play any animation in VC from .scm script that you can get into gmax, especially animations from San Andreas.

The GTA:MA mod aims to make GTA Vice City more like Beat'Em Up-Game. In its first beta release version, the GTA:MA allows modders to add new (fighting) animations to the game, to set-up different martial art styles and assign them to the various types of actors in the game (player model, cops, civilians, various gangers, prostitutes, etc). Future versions intend to tie various moves to button combinations, turning VC into a real beat'em up, including guard moves.

As a *side benefit*, GTA:MA allows scriptors to fire any animation (both original Vice as well as new custom ones, both fighting animtions as well as non-fighting animations) on any actor any time via a new opcode.

GTA:MA is the second installment in my An Inspiration for R* series. The goal of this series of mods is to introduce various established videogame genres into Vice City. As such it is a case study for how computer games of the next generation might work like. As I envision it, computer games of the future will have:

a) strong roleplaying game elements
 (GTA San Andreas does have that already with its various player attributes.)
b) will be compromised of various sub-engines, enabling the mission/level/scenario designer to 'pick' the engine for the scene that he has in mind. Does he want a shoot-out with the druglord? He sets the mission up so that the player goes into First-Person Shooter mode at some point. Or does the scene he has in mind involve a fistfite? Then the Beat'em-Up engine will get launched. Maybe it will even require a switch between engines in the midst of battle as armed reinforcements arrive. The main point is to merge videogame genres and *to make them serve the story*, instead of having the story serve them.
 (GTA San Andreas does have a slight slant towards that, especially with the many mini-games within.)

Combined with my the first part of the series, GTA:FPS, the GTA:MA mod does work a bit toward that end. Having both of these mods installed in Vice City (or the GTA:LC total conversion), you are going to have a racing game, a first-person shooter, and a beat'em up all in one game.

The third installment of the series is in planning already too. Although it is not a genre in itself, it puts a twist on the racing part of Vice - GTA:RoadRage is supposed to add the ability of attacking other bikers, vehicles, etc from the back of your own bike with melee weapons, just like in the old RoadRash series.

This site also offers the following martial arts packages for download:
- San Fierro Kung Fu (taken from GTA SA) (do not download if you don't own a legal copy of GTA San Anreas)
- Liberty City Streetfighting (taken from GTA3) (do not download if you don't own a legal copy of GTA3)

The site also offers:
- A Demo package (taken from GTA SA) (do not download if you don't own a legal copy of GTA San Andreas)
 The purpose of this demo package is to show how any (that is non-fighting) animation can be added into GTA Vice City. For details on how to make use of the Demo package, see the topic below.

For more details, see:
TH_009 commented over 7 years ago:
:catspider: way!! can not ''F-11''
TH_009 commented over 7 years ago:
mewema commented over 8 years ago:
how do i get it into the game pls. :)
Old_Snake96 commented over 12 years ago:
can i use this mod with gta: sa?
marlobomfunk commented over 14 years ago:
well this just worked but only for the peds lol , i dont get it .
marlobomfunk commented over 14 years ago:
[QUOTE=AK-73 @ 14:36, May 14 2007]A short summary might help:

-gta3.ifp belongs into anim sub-directory
-kungfu_sa.ifp also belongs into anim sub-directory.
-any other custom .ifp I might release in the future also belongs into the anim sub-directory (where also ped.ifp is located).

nice nice all this ... but , gta3.ifp belongs into gta 3 anim sub folder or VC or SA ?

second , if it belongs into GTA3 anim sub folder , what do i put into the directory ?> like the cfg files ,

3rd : from gta 3 anim sub folder , u end up to the vc directory without telling us what to put into the gta 3 directory , this is NOT SO COOL MAN ! :/[color=][color=][color=][color=]
AK-73 commented over 15 years ago:
A short summary might help:

-gta3.ifp belongs into anim sub-directory
-kungfu_sa.ifp also belongs into anim sub-directory.
-any other custom .ifp I might release in the future also belongs into the anim sub-directory (where also ped.ifp is located).

-gta-ma.asi goes into the Vice directory(the one with the gta-vc.exe)
-vcversion.dll likewsie belongs into the VC directory.

Then there is these two files
-gta-ma.cfg also belongs into the VC directory
-finally put gta-ma_fistfite.dat into Vice dir

But doon't be confused by this: The game needs *one* gta-ma.cfg and *one* *matching* gta-ma_fistfite.dat (they come in pairs). There is different *versions* of these files. The default ones in GTA:MA are blank versions, so-to-speak. The _full_suite_ version (must be renamed to the above filenames to activate) activate all available Martial Art packages (if the according .ifp files are also installed). Lastly, each Martial Art package comes shipped with its own versions these can only (*only*!) unlock the Martial Art Form, they came shipped with.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

jp245 commented over 15 years ago:
were do you put all the files for the kung fu package
AK-73 commented over 15 years ago:
The mod has a few minor issues at this point. I am not 100%ly happy with the jump kick animation in the GTA3 package. Also the running attack of the Kung-Fu package doesn't work quite as it should (the problem turned out to be more complex to fix than I was willing to go for for the first version of GTA:MA).

But all-in-all it should work fine.

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