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Viewing News for Transfender Wheel Change

 Jul 22 2006

Chrome Wheel Pack Done

Posted by Daalyman05.
Ready for download.
Hope everyone that does enjoy's it as much as i had
making them.
Thanks to all who have downloaded the first one.

 Jul 08 2006

Chrome a licious wheels

Posted by Daalyman05.
I'm working on making my wheels i have made more
chrome like.
I have redone all the transfender one's, and have
completed the lowrider one's as well.
Only need two more to finish all the wheel replacement.
Once i'm happy how they look i will put the file up.
It will have just a couple of new textures for your
I will leave the one i have on so incase other like
the first one's instead of the new chrome a licious one's.
Later and hope to have this done soon.

 Oct 27 2005

Transfender v.2

Posted by Daalyman05.
Well i deleted my first file, so i could place the second version up for download.
Just waiting on the approvel, and it should be ready to go.

 Oct 24 2005

Transfender Wheel

Posted by Daalyman05.
An update will be coming soon, for those that have problems with my mod textures and other installed car mods textures.
brick bit bit bit
bit bit bit bit