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 Mar 14 2009

V0.75 Due Out Soon

Posted by DeathSquad.
You might want to hold off for several days before downloading this mob, unless you are really really bored. V0.75 is going to be released soon which will feature an entire interstate loop including the tunnel through the San Fierro mountains, and at least 3 built ramps in the northern section. I'm going to try and shoot for ramps in Los Santos and San Fierro so at least all three major cities are connected, other ramps will be blocked off due to construction. We are currently looking for anyone who is willing to do scm scripting (or cleo scripts if those work for what we want). - PATHS, my #1 thing besides building it. - RACE, want one going around the entire thing. - SAFEHOUSES, got a few locations I'd like to have a safe location at. More inforamtion can be found in GTAForums,
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