Viewing News for Gang Warfare Mod

 Sep 16 2005

V1.2b released!

Posted by DaEllum67.
I've decided there is not much more to do on this mod, so I've just released my WIP. I've copy protected it too, so just try to disassemble it and see your builder crap out errors!

 Sep 02 2005

Screenshot of planned feature

Posted by DaEllum67.
I've come up with an idea for a reward once you have taken over all of the turfs. I did some testing, and , well, you have to see the screens to believe it. Check out the screenshots of homies with heatseekers and miniguns in the screenshot section.

 Aug 28 2005

Version 1.1 RELEASED!

Posted by DaEllum67.
I've added some updates to the Homies, and included a way to turn on gang wars whenever you want, so check this out if you liked 1.0.

 Aug 14 2005

DarkPact Version Update

Posted by DaEllum67.
Demarest has released some revisions to DarkPact, so these are now awaiting approval. If the old DarkPact did not work for you (Old one would not work on saves well into the game), try this one instead.

 Aug 13 2005

Darkpact Version Available!

Posted by DaEllum67.
Demarest has released a revolutionary code tool called DarkPact. It allows you to add code mods without having to start a new game. I've made a version of this that uses DarkPact and allows you to use your old savegame made with San Andreas's original main.scm. Note: This is untested. As soon as I get my computer sorted out and running SA I will give you a tested version, however this SHOULD work.
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