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Gang Warfare Mod
NEW v1.2b- ALL territories unlocked, better homies
Information Files
Author: DaEllum67
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2 Beta
Status: Complete
Started on: 11 Aug 2005
Last Updated: 16 Sep 2005
Views: 214521
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.25806 (31 votes)
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Added 1.2 Beta to download scetion. Noteworthy: This mod IS copy protected with a scheme I've devised on my own. You must have extensive knowledge of the SCM's hex format to get my source with BW's Disassembler. So just TRY to disassemble it and see for yourself!

Added version 1.1 to download section. Download is now awaiting approval. Also changed readme at the bottom to match the readme in version 1.1.

Also added is an altered popcycle.dat file if you are having trouble finding gang members to kill in certain areas of the map.

Added DarkPact version for people who don't want to start over. If you can't get it to work, read the readme. If you still can't get it working, use the conventional SCM replacement version.

|DaEllum67's Gang Warfare Mod v1.2 *beta* for GTA: San Andreas|


If you even so much as think to attempt to rip my mod, or post it without permission, I will tear your balls off. If you want to host my mod, please post in the GTAfourms thread: and tell me where you want to host it. This is mainly so every hosting site has the most up to date version of my mod.

If you want to include my mod in a mod of yours, please include it exactly as I have released it. I don't want you to change what territories are controlled by gangs, include only the modded homies, make every turf ballas, add grove to the turf randomizer, etc. If you want to include what I released as version 1, or as version 1.1, that is fine. But if I never released my mod as you are including or hosting it, then plese refrain from doing so, or I will be forced to tear your balls off, as I have said.

I thought I made this clear in the old readme and GTAf thread, but I guess not.

Change Log:

1.2b - Once Again, Updated Homies
 Reward for Taking all Gang Turf
 Options Menu - In Place of Turf Reset Sphere
 Slight Edits to Turf Allocation

1.1 - Updated Homies
 Added Enemy Gang Member Spawn
 Added Territory Reset

1.0 - Initial Release

Release Notes:

I made this mod in response to this thread:

Installation Instructions:

Installing my mod is simple. All you need to do is replace your MAIN.SCM, SCRIPT.IMG, and AMERICAN.GXT files with mine. By default, they are located in the folder C:PROGRA~1ROCKST~1GTASAN~1DATASCRIPT and C:PROGRA~1ROCKST~1GTASAN~1TEXT. However, my mod is not guaranteed to be perfectly stable, so you NEED TO MAKE BACKUPS OF THESE FILES BEFORE REPLACING THEM! If you don't know how to make a backup, or you want to know how to install this mod for Vice City/GTA3, your IQ is probably not high enough to understand this mod.


This mod adds several things to San Andreas' gameplay. Here is a list of the things added:

Every district in the map has a gang influence. Some even have influence from 2 or more gangs. The gang that has influence in a district is randomly decided, so it will be a little bit different in each new game you play. For the territories that have both balla and vagos influence, you can kill any combination of Ballas or Vagos to start the war. I don't yet understand how the gang you actually go to war with is determined in these areas.

When on foot, press "Look Behind" and "Yes" at the same time to spawn 5 GSF members around you. They will kill any Ballas or Vagos in gang wars and they are about equal to the gang that attacks you, not retarded like the recruitable homies are. They will hold a position for about 45 seconds, and then roam looking for any Ballas. You can't spawn more homies until the old ones start to roam like peds looking for Ballas. You can recruit these homies to do drive-bys and such in your car, but wait until they start to roam. If you don't wait, the homies will ditch you to look for Ballas when they would've left to find them if you didn't recruit them.
NEW in 1.1 - Homies are now auto-recruited for you. They also will respawn if they die or you ditch them. To turn off homies, press "Look Behind" and "Yes" at the same time.

If you can't find gang members in a zone you want to take over, you have two options. You can either download and install my popcycle.dat from GTAGarage and try that, but you can also press "Look Behind" and "No" at the same time to spawn 3 Ballas and 3 Vagos around you. They almost as hard to kill as your bodyguard homies spawned with "Look Behind" and "Yes". As soon as the enemy gangs are spawned, they will start to act like normal, walking around at random like the gang would be doing if they spawned by themselves.

In the alley next to CJ's house there is a red circle you can walk into to bring up an options menu. You can manipulate Gang Turfs, and there is also a misc. options menu. There are many uses for this menu, and you can probably come up with a valid use for all of them. NOTE: This allows you to enable/disable the censor. A famous mod that disables the censor is called Hot Coffee. Censor is un-disableable in SAN ANDREAS v1.01 patch. See where I'm going with this? Exactly. DO NOT DISABLE THE CENSOR IF YOU HAVE VERSION 1.01 OF SAN ANDREAS!

You will now want to get all gang turfs. Your reward is enabled the moment you hit 100% of the turfs, past that point it doesn't matter how many you have, you can still use the reward. This makes your homies have much better weapons when the reward is unlocked. You can also cheat to get the reward using the options menu.


If you find a bug in my mod, contact me as described in the contact section. I don't know any bugs so far in this mod.


[email protected]

If you can't figure out what this is, please don't try to contact me, dumbass.[/u]
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V1.2b released!
I've decided there is not much more to do on this mod, so I've just released my WIP. I've copy protected it too, so just try to disassemble it and see your builder crap out errors!

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