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 Feb 07 2007

All the fixes you need

Posted by JernejL.
Seems like the version i released in 2007 had several flaws which i now corrected in 2.3C version:

Version 2.3C build: 070207:
- fixed installer drag&drop bug and wrong work in progress tab being shown by default accidently
- fixed vice-city and gta3 wheel rendering
- fixed calculation of zoom level for models created with zmodeler

Version 2.3B build: 050207:
- fixed text parsing routines to handle tab characters properly.

Version 2.3 build: 200107:
- fixed search box.

Version 2.3 build: 200107:

- fixed: various internal bugs have been fixed which have not caused specific large-scale troubles
- added: visually improved car list & find box to blend with interface
- added: when viewing models, it automaticly selects ideal zoom
- added: you can change heading of car's front wheels.
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