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 Dec 06 2015

IMG Factory 1.2

Posted by X-Seti.
IMG Factory 1.2 has been released Download: Bug Fixes: Fixed crash with dump feature when mipmap has width under 4 pixels. Fixed crash sometimes when opening/closing sort window. Fixed a crash for switching tabs and open. Fixed several memory leaks. Updated import/replace to work properly, also taking into account settings used. New Features: Added support for PS2 TXD files. Added clone IMG feature. Added open IMG folder feature. Added right click entries for main entry list. Added compression type column for IMG's using fastman92's version. Added new window feature. Added DFF orphan texture removal feature. Added compression level option for IMG's using fastman92's version. Added sort IDE/IPL by object ID feature. Added auto compression feature for IMG's using fastman92's version. Added support for JPG, GIF and TGA for image file input. Updates to Existing Features: Made texture viewer show yellow background for active texture when window is opened. Made mipmaps work with WTD files for the dump feature. Sorted search results A-Z. Made texture viewer window spawn at center of screen. Sorted file types in filter. Changed main window design a bit. Tidied code a bit. Updated IMG version text to work with XBOX format. Changed filter for RW version to only show RW versions used in the IMG. Added digit grouping commas to ID, Offset and Size columns in main entry list. Moved the menus around. Moved settings from registry to INI file. DDS files now work with DXT10 structs. Made new feature not have any popup. Fixed some DFF files in Bully format from being managed incorrectly.
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