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 Feb 12 2015

updated to version 1.4

Posted by Chong McBong.
Now includes some more interior detail (thanks to eddie for the screwdriver). also added damaged panels, and a LOD object, so it is visible in the distance.

 May 29 2012

new stuff!

Posted by Chong McBong.
now includes a moving steering wheel, and speedometer :)

 Apr 14 2012

Taxi and Moonbeam versions

Posted by Chong McBong.
now includes 2 downloads: Taxi and Moonbeam versions. (moonbeam version is a civilian, non-taxi, people carrier)

 Sep 24 2010

Updated 28-march-2012

Posted by Chong McBong.
(2558 downloads of version 1.1) version 1.2 is fully SA-MP compatible! (478 downloads of version 1.0) Version 1.1 features lots more TransFender options, and some bugfixes...
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