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Soviet Taxi (1966)
Information Files
Author: Chong McBong
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.4
Status: Complete
Started on: 07 Sep 2010
Last Updated: 12 Feb 2015
Views: 53182
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.45455 (11 votes)
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Soviet Taxi
VNIITE Taxi (1966) Replaces the Cabbie (and the Moonbeam) Now includes more interior detail and damage/LOD models. (thanks to Eddie for the screwdriver) Includes a moving steering wheel and speedometer! (thanks to Izerli for the script) Fully SA-MP compatible! No fiddly handling lines - just add dff and txd (perfect for sa-mp or single player) Bonus "Moonbeam" people-carrier version is included... Here is a video showing it in action, and showing some of the TransFender options:
VNIITE is an acronym for "USSR Research Institute of Industrial Design" Created from scratch in 2 days, using zModeler 2.2.4 10944 polygons (simple model & textures - should run smooth on a slow PC) 20650 triangles custom cols custom shadow custom handling carcols compatible "always on" diffuse sidelights and "taxi" roof-light transfender options: Spoilers* Sideskirts* Wheels Roof Scoop* Hydraulics Nitro Paint Colour (*single player only) i saw the blueprints for this, and decided i had to build it, as San Andreas was missing a crazy taxi. The original was built in 1966, have a look on google if you want more info or pics... if you want a fast, stable taxi for doing taxi missions, this is perfect :)
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