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 Jan 13 2006

Update: Version 1.10

Posted by pdescobar.
A new version has been released; no new features, just a couple bugfixes. The GTA Garage download is updated with the new version. If you have any problems downloading, you can also get it from my website:

12 Jan 2006 - Version 1.10
- Fixed problem with SFX tool not closing files properly when importing
- Fixed integer size issue when creating import INIs
- Fixed bad copy&paste error in sfx export example in MANUAL.txt
- Updated docs; still need to do more.

 Jan 10 2006

Initial Release

Posted by pdescobar.
This is the initial release of SAAT and the project has just been approved here at GTA Garage. The download has now been approved too; edited out alternative link.

Also, if you are interested in some of the development discussion of the program, you can check out the Work-in-progress thread on GTA Forums.
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