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 Mar 03 2006

GTALauncher 3.7 On the Way....

Posted by jarjar.
If you thought 2.0.3 was good, you have seen nothing yet. Mix interactivity, customization, free e-mail client, webbrowser, free MS Office tools, backup game tools, faq's, cheats, modding tools, plug-ins, hacks and 50 other tools and you get a program that will take the place of every other gta tool you will ever need. Will also have plug-in ability for programmers to add to it. And soon to be LCS support. God, i have been busy, and you will love it. I know you will.

(BTW: LCS Support will be included for save game backuping only at the stage, all other features will be disabled by default until we get any news about LCS for PC)


 Feb 06 2006

2.0.3 Bug Fix

Posted by jarjar.
If you recived errors when trying to load extras in GTALauncher 2.0.3 then the Plug-in Fix in the download area is for you. It will fix the plug-in errors you keep reciveing and make the extras work correctly. It also fix's some minor things.

Also i am working on the new version which is looking good, no details as of yet but expect it very soon.

 Jan 12 2006

Version 2.3 Release

Posted by jarjar.
I have release the next version of GTALauncher, it has alot of extras and possibleities you won't even realise intill your download it and start using it. It is a great program and has hidden features that are being keept for the next version, this is a must have people, get it know.

 Dec 18 2005


Posted by jarjar.
Well it has been a hard week trying to finish it in time with a very slow computer but it is finaly done and finished. It should be avalible for download when it is approved. Enjoy....

 Dec 10 2005


Posted by jarjar.
A warning to all visitors, this program is currently being brang to a stop for about 1 week at most, asmy laptop has crashed and gone in for repairs. I am trying t get my hands on another copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 to finish it. Hope to finish it soon. Sorry for any inconveniance this may cause anyone....
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