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Launch GTA from your tray!
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Author: jarjar
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v2.0.3
Status: Complete
Started on: 29 Nov 2005
Last Updated: 03 Mar 2006
Views: 26234
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (3 votes)
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GTALauncher 2.0.3 Plug-in Fix... More than just a menu, fixed!

If you recived errors when trying to start up some of the extras include with GTALauncher at Runtime then this will fix that error. It is due to the program not finding the plug-ins included with GTALauncher. Simple install this fix and everything should work fine.

GTALauncher 2.3... more than just a menu!

GTALauncher allows you to not only launch any GTA Game from your tasktray but it also comes with many extra feature not avalible in most EXSPENSIVE software suites. For a full list of the features look below this paragraph.

 * GTA 3, VC and SA Support
 * Password Protection -> Stop people from screwing with your games and GTALaunhcers Settings.
 * MulitLaunch Capabilities -> If you have several installations of one game GTALauncher has you covered.
 * Fileswap -> Swap between mods through GTALaunchers Smart Interface.
 * Self-Though -> GTALauncher will remember everything you do, and what you don't do. To make you environment to your liking.
 * GTA Browser -> A browser i made myself for use in all my GTA Tools. Has advanced features that IE and Firefox are missing.
 * BackupSaves -> Backup your saved games for GTA3, VC or SA with GTALauncher.
 * Memo -> Edit GTA Files and make your own mods and install mod through GTALauncher. Or just write about you day to day life.
 * Searchable Calender -> A smart and searchable Calender, find your birthday and anyother date.
 * MicroCalendar - A large Microsoft type calendar, simalar to that of Microsoft Outlook's.
 * ImageView -> Better than Window Picture Viewer and Easier to use too.
 * Trainers -> Cheat your way through GTA with trianers and cheats for each game.
 * Remember Me -> GTALauncher is made with the latest programming launages and GUI, it will remember everything you do and change to your conditions. Privacy, settings, configurations and extras are all remember to make it easier for you.
 * San Andreas Window Mode -> Play SA in Windowed Mode.
 * Totally Customizable -> Customize GTALaunchers, menus, icons and the way it acts and reacts to you.
 * And much more... I don't want to reck it for you... So just start it up and have a look around.


 * Windows 98, 2000, XP ( Not all Windows have been test, only XP has been proven 100%, Please let me know it works for any earlier versions than XP).
 * 6mb of Free Disc Space.
 * Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and/or Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
 * Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 -


GTALauncher is freeware and as freeware is not covered by any warrenty or any kind, use at your own risk. I can not be held responible for any problems caused by GTALauncher or plug-ins included with the download.


e-Mail = [email protected]
Website = or
Forums =
MSN = [email protected]


GTALauncher, ImageConverter and Media Center are copyright (c) 2005-2006 Jared Linwood (A.K.A jarjar). All rights reserverd. All Trainers and plug-ins are copyright there respect owners. USE AT OWN RISK! Do not steal from fellow GTA Modders, Toolers and Programmers.

 Copyright(c) 2005-2006, jarjar.
Version 1.0 BETA:

This program allows you to start any GTA game from your computers task tray, it also has a cool little privacy unit allowing you to hide it from prying eyes in your school or workplace.

GTALauncher allows you to Launch any 3D GTA Game from your tasktray. Allowing you not only to do that but it also comes packed with a special Browser, Memo Page, Application to Backup your SavedGames (BackUpSaves) and many other extras on top of that. So it is more of an exstention to Grand Theft Auto... Not just a tool.

It also comes with a smart LockUp System allowing you to lock your station to stop people from screwing with your GTALauncher settings and files. And as a cool little extra you can launch the games with key commands, i.e. Launch GTA3 with the F1 button, VC Launches with F2 and so on.


GTALauncher requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0:
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R0CK3R-5 commented over 9 years ago:
why doesnt this thing work on vista?
scizor555 commented over 10 years ago:
jarjar commented over 12 years ago:
This program allows you to start any GTA game from your computers task tray, it also has a cool little privacy unit allowing you to hide it from prying eyes in your school or workplace.
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GTALauncher 3.7 On the Way....
If you thought 2.0.3 was good, you have seen nothing yet. Mix interactivity, customization, free e-mail client, webbrowser, free MS Office tools, backup game tools, faq's, cheats, modding tools, plug-ins, hacks and 50 other tools and you get a program that will take the place of every other gta tool you will ever need. Will also have plug-in ability for programmers to add to it. And soon to be LCS support. God, i have been busy, and you will love it. I know you will.

(BTW: LCS Support will be included for save game backuping only at the stage, all other features will be disabled by default until we get any news about LCS for PC)


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