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News for April, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008
GTAGarage v1 back online
Posted by Suction Testicle Man at 20:14. Category: General

Due to recent developments, we've been able to get v1 fully online again while running it alongside v2 development. You may continue to post your mods here as usual, and they will be transferred to the new system upon its completion. We will also be incorporating a few new features to v1 in order to test their popularity and functionality, and will post v2 updates as they come.

A couple of minor new features that have been added since v1 went back online:

  • Mod submissions are now rejected rather than deleted. Users are able to edit the original mod submission and resubmit it for moderation (obviously the original reason for rejection will have to be fixed before the mod be approved).
  • Notification messages of approval or rejection of a mod will be sent to users.

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