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Skate Park V1
converted from IV ;pp
Information Files
Author: hristobg
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 10 Jan 2010
Last Updated: 12 Jan 2010
Views: 26075
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.8 (10 votes)
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Read the "ReadMe" for more information about installing.
This is version one, notting special. Just converted from IV.
The Skate Park is near to CJ's house, near to the Stadion (look the radar, when
you replace the radar119.txd ;pp)


In version two:

- 2dFX Effects
- Ped Bikers (maybe)
- Give us your idea !

Sorry for my EN, hope to understand me and..:


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LagadovBaby commented over 9 years ago:
This is so cool map 1010 but when you uploud V2 ?? :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
THEGTAHERO commented over 11 years ago:
I don't want to sound noobish, but what is a collision file? I'm not a mod maker, really, so I don't know. By the way, some suggestions for v2 is that maybe you can enlarge the map. It might be better and more playable. In the meanwhile, have some cookies. :cookie: :cookie: :cookie::cookie:
Dylan_Madigan commented over 11 years ago:
Im not getting this, but you should also have guys and hirls that hang out there like real life. Guys near biks, on skate, or on bikes just talking, you can make them look at eachother and apply conversation animations. (that might require CLEO)
kayefsee commented over 11 years ago:
yes! do put ped bikers on bmx's :) brill mod btw :D
hristobg commented over 11 years ago:
 QUOTE (THEGTAHERO @ 09:15, 05 Jun 2010)
Do I have to put .col files in modelscoll? Please reply!
You must add stuntmap.txd, stuntmap.dff, stuntmap.col to gta3.img. .col is collision and is very important file. Thank you for comment! :)
THEGTAHERO commented over 11 years ago:
 QUOTE (Power_Mikey @ 11:36, 31 Jan 2010)
your hud is ugly and stupid
You think it is ugly because it is different. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone was the same.
THEGTAHERO commented over 11 years ago:
Do I have to put .col files in modelscoll? Please reply!
VF94 commented over 11 years ago:
How about some lights or neons there, and maybe a fountain
Power_Mikey commented over 11 years ago:
your hud is ugly and stupid
hristobg commented over 11 years ago:
 QUOTE (keelo410 @ 15:00, Today)
Nice idea, i very like this ( but that suck we cant do backflip we motorbike, like in GTAIV :) ) I got some idea maybe... Maybe biker ped with bmx ( gta iv ped :) ) maybe sprunk machine ( in case you fall and lost health XD ) maybe some bmx already at skate park ( so dont need find one ) So that was my idea, hope V2 will be good :) :cookie:
For Ped biker.. uhm.. maybe.. I'm not sure for that, because I'm not a scripter. For GTA IV Ped.. for now I can convert only map models, I hope to learn rigging.. :) And about Sprunk machine and bmx on the skate park.. this will be made :) Thank you for comment ! And sorry for my EN :lol:
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I'm so busy..
So, this "mod" is stopped for now, because my PC was preinstalled several times and I'm trying to find one really important .max file, that I uploaded to media - whatever. This mod will not die, I'll be work on it, when I find all needed files and textures, and when I have time to work for that mod. Now more important is the school, so.. for now, like I sad, the mod is stopped. Look some screens from v2, but in 3ds max: Press Next and Previous to view the screens. They are 4. Sorry for my English! :)

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