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V8 Rumble
V8 engine sound mod
Information Files
Author: zyonig
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 2.01
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Dec 2009
Last Updated: 01 Mar 2012
Views: 33134
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.2 (5 votes)
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Download the full files in v2, then add the new files from 2.01b.

Now the san andreas vehicles sound like they should. This is a V8 soundmod to make the cars sound like they do in the cutscenes and as they would in real life.

A V8 engine sound mod based on an older slower turning American v8 motor to replace the big heavy cruiser engine sounds that were not very inspiring in San Andreas. There are a lot of good sports/racing sound files available for download but not many for regular vehicles.

This replaces sounds for 38 of the more "normal" vehicles.
Regular vehicles - Bobcat, Greenwood, Manana, Moonbeam, Perennial, Regina, Romero, Sadler, Tampa, Virgo, Washington.
Coupes - Blista C, Club, Jester, Flash, Esperanto, Feltzer, Majestic, Tahoma
4x4s - FBI Rancher, Huntley, Landstalker, Patriot, Rancher, Ranger, Sandking
Sports cars - Super Gt, cheetah, Comet, Turismo, Banshee
Classics - Bullet, Glendale, Oceanic, Tornado, Glensh*t

Generally these sounds are a little more muted and have a little drag on the low gear pick up to give the cars a "heavier" old-autoshifter feel. This soundpack is much more appropriate many of the vehicles. This does not change the lowrider (slamvan, savanna, broadway) sounds, the most modern regular cars (merit, Solair), many of the fast car (Buffalo, Phoenix) sounds or any of the bikes or trucks as I think the originals are fine.

note: These soundfiles are time and size matched to the lengths of the ones they replace so they will not screw up your sounds, but please remember replacing any soundfile in SA is a notoriously sketchy business. The readme instructions say make backups ect, please follow the instructions...

Some youtube video demos at
4x4 V8
zyonig commented over 13 years ago:
OK I have made some changes. 2.01 now addresses some issues that have been mentioned here and in the gtaforums discussion thread. Just add 2.01 to the V2 download, and you are ready to go.
chronic_ize023 commented over 13 years ago:
Use the saat tool to install mods :D
Mattatatta commented over 13 years ago:
In Version 2, could you make the sounds a tiny bit louder? They are not as audible as the original SA sounds, which makes for a rather unrealistic feel. Also, some of the banks you edited, namely banks 96 92 88 86 and 10, have sounds that must be loop-able as these sounds are used as idle, acceleration, and cruising sounds when NPCs are driving cars. Your mod has made them into only acceleration sounds, which makes it seem that NPCs are always revving their cars instead of cruising like they actually are.
choc4j commented over 13 years ago:
HOW DO I INSTALL THIS REALLY? I tried the GUI FrontEnd app, as you suggested, but it couldn't get to read the sound banks! It just kept telling me that it "... cannot read bank01... ", etc., etc.
Blaze. commented over 13 years ago:
Downloading, pretty cool. :beerhat:
Mattatatta commented over 14 years ago:
I watched the youtube vid, and I like how its just fits with the Oceanic. Its not intrusively loud like other sound mods and the quality is great. well done. :)
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