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Dyom Mission
Califonia Gangster Series {DYOM} plus peds
Information Files
Author: Slaya101 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Dec 2009
Last Updated: 05 Dec 2009
Views: 12907
Type: Conversion
Rating: 2 (4 votes)
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Mod made by me another coming soon just put the dyom missions in ur user san andreas and replace the gta3.img in models
rotorblade commented over 14 years ago:
TH decision to whether DYOM missions should be allowed or not isn't ours. We should leave that to the site admins. END OF DISCUSSION.
Tony_Florence commented over 14 years ago: You are the moron... That website is for DYOM missions, not GTAGarage.
rotorblade commented over 14 years ago:
Shut up, moron! DYOM is for those who don't know how to write SCM script. If you don't like DYOM missions, don't download and, for fk's sake, don't comment, ESPECIALLY that harsh!
spidermight commented over 14 years ago:
PLEASE NO MORE DYOM MISSIONS HERE ! :devil: :devil: :devil: :die: :die: :die: :die:
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