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Simple Fuel Mod
.net script
Information Files
Author: endosan
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.5
Status: Complete
Started on: 11 Oct 2009
Last Updated: 04 May 2010
Views: 69151
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.81818 (11 votes)
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Simple Fuel Mod ver1.5
by endosan

asi loader
Aru's C++ Script Hook v0.50
HazardX's .net scripthook v1.6.1.2 BETA

place the files into .net scripthook's scripts folder
Grand Theft Auto IV\scripts\
Grand Theft Auto IV\scripts\FuelScript.ini


How to refuel:
1.go to gas station(you can see on map where gas station is)
2.stop car(no need to get off the car) key numpad 5
4.refueled 100% automatically
5.if you want to repair the car, press numpad 8($1000)
 clean car, press numpad2($40)

if you get on another car, then all fuel amount is reset(to random value)

16 is default. higher number is car consumes more gas

Version History:
- compatible for new .net scripthook

- add car cleaning

- less CPU usage tweak

- you can set fuel mileage in .ini file
- tweak refuel/repair animation
- fix script crash(i hope so)

- fuel level warning light will blink
- lower gas mileage(10%)

physixthegreat commented 0 months ago:
Well developed and simple interface! :r*:
Darlyn commented over 6 years ago:
Error during Tick in script 'FuelScriptCS.FuelScript': GTA.NonExistingObjectException: Invalid call to an object that doesn't exist anymore! at GTA.Ped.isInVehicle(Vehicle vehicle) at FuelScriptCS.FuelScript.FuelProgram(Object sender, EventArgs e) at GTA.Script.TryTick() at GTA.Script.DoTick() at GTA.ScriptThread.OnTick()
rakker&loly commented over 8 years ago:
works this mod with pach
monster875 commented over 8 years ago:
cyperops: 1. yeah it would be nice with refuel for heli's 2. if you put the mileage to 0 u'll not could drive any car :p
CyberOps commented over 8 years ago:
would also be nice if there was a way for helicopters to refuel ;) and what would happen if i put the fuel milage at 0 ?
CyberOps commented over 8 years ago:
is there any chance you can make it so when i turn my engine off with simple trainer that the fuel stops going down ?
Lundamyr commented over 8 years ago:
Can you tell us with what patch is it compatible?
dgmxviana commented over 8 years ago:
nevermind got it wroking already thank you!
dgmxviana commented over 8 years ago:
does this work for 1.0.4 ? if yes please make a video if possible on youtube for the instalation procces i dont have scripts folder in my gta 4 directory plz help!
gorgonut commented over 8 years ago:
Simple and thats why it is very nice! I liked the repair option too! Well done!
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