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Car Configuration Editor
The easy way to apply modded cars to GTA IV
Information Files
Author: zzcool
Works with: GTA IV 
Status: Complete
Started on: 13 Sep 2009
Last Updated: 25 Sep 2009
Views: 27943
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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One day, a young lad called Jonathan got fed up with having to manually edit the car configuration files while adding modified cars to the world of GTA IV. While slightly annoyed, he suggested to a man called Matthew that he should create a tool to do this for him. A little while later, this tool was born!
Program Description
GTA IV - Car Configuration Editor (or C.C.E for short) is a FREE tool which allows you to quickly and effectively edit the GTA IV configuration files. Key Features
  • Simple Interface
  • No external dependances (such as .NET Framework)
  • Backup option - allowing you to make a backup of your existing configuration BEFORE applying modifications for peace of mind
  • Auto-Detect GTA IV installation path
  • Multiple installation paths can be defined and saved for future use (useful for those who have multiple installations - such as a "modded" version and a "non-modded" version)
  • "Restore Default" value - Allowing you to restore a vehicle to it's default configuration
  • "Add" any missing vehicles yourself, quickly and simply
Contacting Us
There are two people you can contact with suggestions and/or bug reports. InsaneMatt Coding / Design - Xfire Profile ZZCOOL Ideas / Concept / Testing - Email
Changes in v1.0.117.0 BETA: Re-structured the Vehicles.db database, for more efficiant querying. Altered the "Not available for this vehicle" error. Now closes if the user declines any updates to be applied. Added a "Edit" option for Vehicle Entries. Added a "Terms & Conditions" dialog, which will show the first time the user launches CCE Changes in v1.0.96.0 BETA: Now disables the "New Values" fields when no Vehicle is selected. Fixed a bug which would occur on random occaisions when applying the modifications. Fixed a bug that wouldn't create a backup of the existing configuration files. Fixed multiple issues in the "Add Vehicle" function. Updated the "Contender" vehicle entry to enable the use of "carcols.dat" and "vehicles.ide" configurations for it. Changes in v1.0.71.0 BETA: Changed the way the program lists cars... You can add car entries yourself (useful if any are missing). Re-coded the way the program looks for a car entry, hopefully making it more reliable. About page now uses HTML code instead of Richtext. Added compatibily for "vehicles.ide". Removed the Source Code from the program from this point forward - I am starting to do a lot of work on this, and thus don't feel like sharing it's source code anymore. Now "remembers" multiple directories - Useful for those who use multiple installations. Fixed a bug which wouldn't allow CCE to save the alterations if the configuration files were flagged as "Read Only". Added a "Restore Default" button - Restores the configuration files to their default entries for the selected car. Changes in v1.0.32.0 BETA: The "Auto Detect" button is now functional. Improved the Interface, allowinng you to define all three values in one go (as apposed to one at a time). Added Source Code to the program, allowing the user to tweak CCE to their needs. Changes in v1.0.26.0 BETA: Added this Change Log to the program Fixed a minor issue regarding "New Lines" not being stripped out of the value the user gives (and thus crashing GTA IV). Fixed a minor issue that would add TWO entries to your Windows Taskbar for this program (instead of the one). Added compatibility for "carcols.dat". Reworded a few options. Now "remembers" what path you selected and whether you wish to make a backup first. Added a "Auto Detect" button to the Installation Path. Altered the "Auto Detect" button - It now changes it's own label to tell you if there's an error or not (instead of a error message). Changes in v1.0.12.0 BETA: First Release
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