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Author: matanyehoshua1
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 4.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 12 Sep 2009
Last Updated: 23 May 2011
Views: 55680
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.31818 (22 votes)
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Important Note: Remove any previous versions of the mod before installing version 4 it can crash your game!

What this mod does?:
This mod allows you to buy any weapon/item in a cheaper price/easier way.

How to use?:
Simply Press F6 and a menu of ways to call the Gun Seller should pop up.

Notes about the mod:
Heli Gun Seller Notes:
* Don't spawn the heli if your too high he cannot reach there (by high I mean top of mount chilliad or such things)
* It takes him some time to land
* Once heli landed succesfully, approach to Jeffery's marker to buy the weapons from him
* If heli can't reach you and you accidently spawned him just load your save game to fix the issue
* Use this one in contry side (where the GS Van and Bike cannot reach you) and make sure your in open area!

V0.5: Started the mod and was very buggy.
V0.6: Improved the Script, Added Others Section, Rebalanced the Prices.
V0.7: Added so many guns, Marked on radar so itll be found easier.
V0.8: Fixed Freeze Bug that dosen't allow cj to walk when you exit the menu, Added more text, Added more melee
Now you can buy weapons without exiting the menu - you'll return to the menu you were.
V0.9: Fixed text lines in .fxt file, Models are now destroyed (no waste of game memory), the van is now godmoded and locked, minor text issues fixed.
V1.0: Added Heavy Guns, Try to add SF but resolt a bug so i didn't LV coming soon i hope.
V1.1: Added More Weapons, Removed some old text lines, Added money cost in the menu, Fixed some incorrected stuff.
V1.2: added gtafanfreakx script wich adds ton of new stuff, fixed his script ;) (too much bugs where on this), fixed more text issues.
V1.2.5: fixed folowing errors reported by thekokss: marker will NOT show up now, you can now leave without getting stuck.
V1.3: Added Mobile Version.
V2.0: Removed The Normal GS now there is only Mobiled GS, Rebalanced Prices, Added Some Anims, Fixed Menu Popup Bug.
V2.1: Now Each time you buy the amount of your purchased guns money will be added to your stats, fixed text bugs, added some more text, now jeffery turn to you before you are near him.
V2.2: Changed keypress to F2
V2.3: Changed keypress to CTRL+G, Fixed some text issues, make emmet wait for jeffery to enter before he leave
V2.4: Minor Bug Fixes, added Menu GS.
V2.5: Updated the mod, Fixed prices, the menu gs hasen't been updated though.
V2.6: Added Bike GS this way you can call emmet and he'll come faster then before.
V2.7: Updated GS Menu and all other GS's now the mod is copyrighted to 2010
V3.0: Heli GS Added to the list.
V4.0: After a long time a new version has arrived! here are the changes:
Major improvements to the heli GS:
* the heli landing is a tiny little glitchy - FIXED
* Jefferey had sometimes exit the heli in mid air - FIXED
Bike and Van GS:
* Both Bike and Van GS have Markers Now
To all GS:
* The vehicles spawn a whole lot closer now
* Brand new interface (instead of pressing CTRL+R for helicopter or CTRL+H for Bike you now only need to press F6 to open a select menu)
* Instead of using 4 files the mod now only uses 1 file

Stay Tuned For Updates! .


Special thanks:
thekokss - Menu, .fxt Lines
gtafanfreakx - making some new guns and adding some extras, helped me with GS menu
GlenStorm -maked him (emmet) drive to you
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matanyehoshua1 commented over 4 years ago:
The NPC's are GSF models indeed! sorry for the long time to reply.
CrazyRaisin commented over 6 years ago:
I think the NPC's are grove street models. Just search google for them.
Zecyberboss commented over 7 years ago:
Thank you ! this mod is great but I change ped models, could you tell me what are the names of NPC's textures in gta3.img please ? :happy: (sorry for my bad english <img src=p" /> )
Raves commented over 7 years ago:
Ohh ok i fix the text.Can in yours new Version make A price more Bigger ? ?Its to cheep
Raves commented over 7 years ago:
Can Help ? I Press F6 And dont sea Words
gta sandreas 112 commented over 7 years ago:
hey man i have a bug problem and when i open the gun seller i can't see the words :(
Na3em0 commented over 7 years ago:
owsum 5/5
matanyehoshua1 commented over 8 years ago:
Im sorry I didn't reply to help you people I was away for a long time but im back now to help you put the Gun Seller.fxt in the CLEO_TEXT folder located in the CLEO folder if there isn't a folder like that make it!
matanyehoshua1 commented over 8 years ago:
 QUOTE (mcneal15 @ 10:22, 02 Mar 2011)
LOL found a fuNnY bug , I sTEAL The fcr 900 from emmet SOMETImes cj DRIVe thE BIKE bY HIs self AND he felL down FROM bIKE HE WALK LIKE A PEdesTRiAN AND i can't ConTROL HIM xD nice bug I love IT!
I think I fixed the bug in version 4.0 try using the Bike GS again.
bigal505 commented over 8 years ago:
 QUOTE (bigal505 @ 19:18, Today)
sorry I was being an idiot I didn't read the readme :sui: properly awesome mod dude:music:
I didn't read the readme properly sorry
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