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HardCore Graphic For Vice City
Information Files
Author: TonyM
No Download Available Yet
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: Beta v0.3
Status: Complete
Started on: 08 Sep 2009
Last Updated: 08 Sep 2009
Views: 16565
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (16 votes)
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HardCore Graphic Beta v0.3 by TonyM


Mod Name: HardCore Graphic for GTA Vice City
Version: Beta (0.3)
Author: TonyM
Release Date: 7 September 2009.

Mod include:

- File particle.TXD changed about 70%, the larger and nicer texture so that we gain new ones:
a) light fixtures
b) smoke
c) clouds
d) the heavenly bodies (sun, stars, moon)
e) blood
f) garbage (paper, leaves)
g) fire, explosion
h) water (a la GTA IV) - looks best with enabled modem ENBSeries
i) and a few other smaller things that I do not remember now

- File hud.TXD changed about 80%, the larger and nicer texture so that we gain new ones:
a) the icons in hud
b) the icon of a fist (in hud)

- File generic.TXD changed about 75%, the larger and nicer texture so that we gain new ones:
a) the plants (palms, shrubs, trees, etc.)
b) money (euros)
c) in this file are also textures of sidewalks and roads, but more about that below ...

New textures (to have):
- "Ordinary" grass (95%)
- Roads (95%)
- Pavments (85%)
- Model and skin'a Tommy (the main character)
- Cars and models (with wheels) converted from Xbox
- ENBSeries + my perfect* setting
- Font HUD
- Menu cursor intro'a and outro'a
- Radar
- Many other things which I can not recall any law ...

*as for me ;)

The mods are also included smaller adjustments are not my authorship:
- Yojo2 - Radar, cars and wheels converted from the Xbox
- Goin-god - Model and skin Tomy'ego
- Boris Vorontsov - ENBSeries
- Dinuxx - Several files have been converted to modules provided "GTA: SA PROJECT REALITY Beta 2.4"
Thank you for permission to use the modification

- Copy everything that is in the archive to the root folder of the game
- Turn on the game
- Select a new game or load an old
- Press the key combination Shift + F12 (enable / disable ENBSeries)

Known bugs:
- In the second part of the city possible graphic bug called one of the cars (yojo2 working on this)

It is recommended to force the drivers, antialiasing (AA) and Anisotropic Filtering
That everything is perfectly recommended 1280x1024 resolution at least

PS. My English is bad. Excuse me...

>>> Official website author: <<<
Shahnewaz commented over 3 years ago:
Still no download link? Project cancelled?
voimesaK commented over 4 years ago:
Why don't have a download link?I very want to = = :*(
TonyM commented over 8 years ago:
HardCore Graphic Beta v0.3 + Fixed Crash on GTAforums... -> link
carl4romania16 commented over 8 years ago:
omg... without gta3.dir the game will always crash... sad... upload it pls.10x.
tee-samahala commented over 8 years ago:
real mods very butifu
.:CristhianDBG:. commented over 8 years ago:
available247 commented over 8 years ago:
what is going on with your upload why is it not on ? :/
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