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Liberty City Stories PC Edition
beta 3.1.1
Information Files
Author: catzilla No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 3.1.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 04 Sep 2009
Last Updated: 13 Sep 2009
Views: 280852
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.55932 (59 votes)
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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories PC edition

GTA: Liberty City Stories (original) was created as a result of a collaborative work of the young Rockstar Leeds, for which this became a great debut, and the creators of the series, Rockstar North. The game has been released for PSP in October 2005. Later, developers decided to port the game to Playstation 2. The port appeared in stores in June 2006.

1998. Liberty City. Two years before the well-known story of GTA3. How did Liberty City look before we first visited its streets? This time, in the center of all action is Tony Cipriani. Fo four years he has been hiding from mafia in foreign lands, but now he finally decided to get back to his home city. Unfortunately, Tony was not forgotten, and neither was the murder of a mafia don. Bloody cat-n-mouse games continue in Liberty City.

The famous game, released for PSP and PS2, but not for PC is amazing in its quality!

BETA 3.1.1

1) Map of Liberty City 1998.
Full map of GTAIII-time imported.
Portland: savehouse with interior, construction site in Hepburn Heights, ferry docks, textures of stores and other small changes, bar in Redlight District, Vincenzo's interior.
Staunton Island: ferry docks, stadium, partially Fort Staunton.
Overall: tree models, road textures, weather effects (weather is optimized to be LCS-like)
2) Mission code.
First 7 missions for Vincenzo (Home Sweet Home, Slacker, Dealing Revenge, Snuff, Smash and Grab, Hot Wheels), 3 side missions (Noodleboy, TrashDash, Slash TV) and 2extra missions which were not in the original game, among which 1 racing mission (Racers Blow, Hepburn race). All car spawns, weapons, bribe, health, info pickups. Car destroyer at junkyard + working ferries. For the first mission, the cutscene is present (test mode, may be glitchy).
3) Original cars, pedestrians, weapons.
4) Good design, graphical effects ENB Series, original HUD and radar.


Dageron (also known as Bbobik) - project coordinator, mapper, converter, scripter, modeler.
CatZilla - scripter, fixer, converter. Author of the ferry script and all car spawns/pickup locations.
Mock - transport converter, converted most of the Liberty City autopark.
ModMaker - (also known as HackMan128) - modeler of the ferry docks in Portland, the skate park, author of the HUD-a.
Flashback - (also known as Emia) - audio-resource editor, programmer, web-master, designer.
SHOROOP - web-master.
Ash_735 - consultant, sound and texture converter.
XEPOMAHT007 - general quality control, texturing, modeling
Alek-say - video trailers, texturing
Viger74 - mission script de-bugging, audio player dll coding


GTAFanattic&XRK - authors of SA:LC, which was taken as the base. SA:LC is currently being developed by another team.
Boris Vorontsov – author of the graphical package ENB series. (visit
SanLtd team – localisation team, who made high quality English and Russian fonts (visit
Mahmutil - member of «Giraffe3d» studio, modeler of Fort Staunton.
Alexander - author of SA Interface editor, which let us further develop the HUD. (visit
Marfi – author of VCS:SA, participated in transport conversion.
Hegeus.Roberto – author of Mafia Stories, participated in transport conversion.
TripleAs – Director of the abandoned GTA:LCS->VC conversion project.
oCain – author of SnowFX mod (adds snow in GTA).

Also, I thank everyone who patiently waited for this modification and everyone at!

TEAM WEBSITE – new, developing GTA-portal! Here you will find the latest information about original games of the series, download an enormous amount of material, modifications and so on. We invite everyone! – website of the author of the graphical package ENB series. – website of SanLtd team, which localises the GTA-series. – Alexander's website about GTA-modding programs. – one of the most popular Russian GTA-Portals.


Remember, we always need good people who are able to help us further develop the modification (modelers, scripters and even designers). You can write to me and I will gladly answer all your questions and listen to your suggestions.


Having acquired Liberty City Stories PC edition (downloaded, bought, or otherwise), you are obliged to accept the following agreement:

1. Most copyrights belong to the LCS team. Shared copyrights are reserved to their respectful authors.

2. The addon is free to distribute. You can put it on your own site, into p2p-networks or any other system of file sharing/hosting with the MANDATORY indication of authorship.

3. Commercial use is allowed strictly with LCS team's consent.

4. Resource modification or distribution of the mod "by parts" is strictly forbidden.
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