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LCPD First Response
The most comprehensive police simulation for GTA
Information Files
Author: Mr. Mysterious
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 0.90 ALPHA
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 05 Aug 2009
Last Updated: 25 Mar 2010
Views: 318677
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 4.53846 (78 votes)
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Version 0.90 released!
The LCPD First Response Mod
The LCPD First Response Mod (LCPDFR) is one of the most popular GTA script modifications of all time. LCPDFR turns GTA IV around and provides many police functions and features like the ability to arrest random people, traffic stops, backup systems and a whole lot more. In essence LCPDFR is almost a realist yet fun police simulation that utilises the great capabilities of GTA IV to a high extent.
Official News & Updates
Website Development The Official website of LCPDFR is currently being upgraded to provide a new environment for supporters of LCPDFR to request features and post bug reports as well as obtain the latest news on development which will be posted by developers on a daily basis.
Developer Preview The developer preview of 0.90 has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately because of the pace of development I find that it would be impractical to release a preview and instead release LCPDFR 0.90 for everybody when everything is final.
Development of 0.90 Update Development of 0.90 is speeding up significantly with some major features now fully completed, those invited to the developers preview of LCPDFR 090 will receive the client in the very near future.
Makeover for The Front Page Some work has been done on the front page to make it more attractive and informative for those who it is their first encounter with LCPDFR. All news will be posted within this table and media thumbnails will become available here shortly to provide an organised table of released screen shots and videos.
LCPDFR V0.90 Trailer #1 Released Trailer 1 of LCPDFR 090 has been released showcasing the improved pursuit system which contains many, many new thrilling features.
Release Month of Version 0.90 Announced Development of 090 is well under-way and the release month has been announced as February 2010, be prepared!
Important Notice
LCPDFR is a .NET Scripthook mod and is currently incompatible with the latest version of GTA IV (Patch 5 ( LCPDFR will remain incompatible until such time as a .NET Scripthook update is released that adds compatibility for If you have the game on DVD you will be able to down- grade to version by reinstalling the game fully, using xliveless to disable GFWL updates being forced and patching to
Official Media
Field Manual
ALT+PToggles police duty If off duty, you will proceed to character selection and then be granted access to police commands. If on duty, you will change back into civilian clothes and be unable to use police commands.
ALT+BCalls for police assistance Spawns a backup unit which will drive to your location and combat any subjects in the area.
ALT+FFrisks a subject/ Initiates the body search system.
ALT+HArrests a subject Initiates the arresting system. If pressed whilst targeting a ped, a gunpoint arrest will start.
SHIFTPulls over a vehicle Initiates a traffic stop (sometimes a pursuit) on the closest vehicle around 10m infront of the player's vehicle.
ALT+UPuts on a hat Puts a hat on the player relative to the weather. Known issue: only compatible to a full extent with the normal police officers (traffic cop, fat cop, normal cop, noose).
HActivates the weapon flash light attachment Compatible with the glock, M4 and regular shotgun.
TActivates the weapon taser attachment Compatible with the glock and desert eagle.
/Toggles between emergency lighting modes whilst inside a vehicle. Additional emergency lighting for police vehicles. Known issue: only compatible to a full extent with the following models: "M_Y_COP", "M_M_FATCOP_01", "M_Y_COP_TRAFFIC", "M_Y_STROOPER"
*Toggles environmental lighting whilst inside a vehicle Additional emergency lighting for police vehicles.
NumPad0Activates police weapon animations You can now run like the AI cops in GTA IV when they run with a pistol.
ALT + MPerforms CPR Attempts to revive the nearest fatality. Known issue: only those who are 'fully dead' can be revived. Known issue: detection radius is too large - peds can be revived from 5m away.
CTRL + DELDebug If a script has crashed and has resulted in the player being frozen or stuck within an animation, this function will rectify the issue.
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Patch 2!
Bugfix patch 0.60 Released

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