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Heavens on Earth
All the heavens on a safer ground.
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Author: jarjar No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 12 Sep 2005
Last Updated: 15 Jan 2006
Views: 60792
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4 (16 votes)
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One of the most amazing and funest hidden secrets that Rockstar created was the "Heavens". The heavens are located in the sky around San Andreas. Each heaven contains several hidden interiors that are used in SA. Usualy in missions or not at all. But they are difficult to get to. Each heaven has strict steps you must go throught to enter it and it's hidden interiors.

So I have created this mod that makes it a lot easier, safer and fast to get to those interiors. The heavens still exist but you no longer need to do the hard work to get to them and the hidden interiors. The are now located on earth, well the markers anyway. There are yellow markers located all around SA in appropriate places. When walked into you are transported into a hidden interior.

This mod enabels put nealy all the hiddena interiors on safer ground, EARTH. Now you can evter all hidden interiors without going through hell, litrauly. Enjoy... There are about a total of 53 hidden interiors enterable.

Some interiors are:

Hidden Sex Shops
Hidden Strip Clubs
Gang Housea
Sweets, Ryders and Og Locs.
Liberty City
Plane Interiors
Marco's Bistro
LC's and LS Airports
Hidden Police Stations
Hidden Betting Shops
And Many More...

Locations: All interiors are in LS and have replace all other interiors
UltraQuantum commented over 12 years ago:
this mod suck... it has a lot of bug :furious:
greenman1 commented over 13 years ago:
can you make a map that would be good for a zombie city
jddude commented over 15 years ago:
make a search for it and check it in your browser if i find any thing i weill tell you:)
hanbin commented over 16 years ago:
Can You Make a Map of all the secret locations
Also how come every time i go into a safehouse or store
i apear some where else and if i go into the marker i apear
at same thing happens
hanbin commented over 16 years ago:
can you tell me where are the place (LC airport,Liberty city,the hiden shop,ryder,oglog,etc)?(with sa map pic

please help me!!!
modelmaster commented over 16 years ago:
people stop asking jarjar questions. i heard on gtaforums that he was banned. anyway jarjar, i know you wont be reading this but, :rah:
1994guy commented over 16 years ago:
umm...jarjar,where is liberty city?:dontgetit:
Aldas commented over 16 years ago:
Hey, the mod is great, but when i load my saved game and want to get out of the safehouse, I can't go out of it.

Fix this problem, man.

EDIT: Also when I go to Ryder's house, I appear in San Fierro.
Or if I want to get out of Sweet's house, I just can't.
rockroc commented over 16 years ago:
lol, i think jar jar has a bad luck streak with mods, that last one i dl was the 2p mod, i was lookin forward to it,but guess what it didn't work, no Jar im not flamin on u im just sayin that maybe u should put a little more work in ur mods before relesing them =)
Ron666 commented over 17 years ago:
:bored: If this mod actually WORKED then it would have been great!
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