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GTA: State Of Liberty
GTASOLbeta 69.5 (Prime Cuts) Released
Information Files
Author: Mc-Kay
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 51.9 &69.5
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 11 Sep 2005
Last Updated: 30 Aug 2016
Views: 411732
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.41377 (116 votes)
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GTA: State of Liberty ©2010 (GTA-SOL51.9) (AngryBull) release.

Update: I will keep the original 51.9 here, however I have released GTASOLbeta 69.5 (Prime Cuts) on gtaforums.

Please download this file as it contains information on GTASOLbeta 69.5 (Prime Cuts).


GTA State of Liberty is a collection of cities from GTAIII, VC and SA.
Bring all the GTA islands onto one stable map that has been every GTA players dream.

Extra islands have or will be added in the style that R might have created them.

System requirements:

1. Running Windows Win2k/SP4 - XP/SP2 - Vista
2. Latest version of Direct X (Dec 2007)
3. P4/AMD 2.4Ghz or better
4. ATI/GForce (128Mb/256Mb)
5. 512Mb+ of ram
6. 2.4Gigs of Hard drive space.
7. Have both original VC game disks.
8. Must own the original copy of GTA: Liberty City and GTA San Andreas.
9. Does not work that well with Seven, A lot of messing around is required before the game with run.
10. Those who have Windows Seven, Wait for the next version, Beta52.0 (RC1 - Online)

Installation: The Quick way.

This version is for everyone, Please follow the install process below if you want to install the mod manually.

GTA-SOL hosted on ModDB is a single file Rar archive; GTA-SOLbeta51.9.rar

1. Install, then Run the a fresh copy of GTA: Vice City, (This will be the base for this beta mod).

2. Start up VC and go to the game menu and change what ever display settings that are needed - 800*600 or higher, then proceed to play the game from the start game menu.

3. Once in game quit out back to your OS, Once you have done this you will be ready to install the SOL mod.

4. Important: Copy the Audio folder from your Play_Game_Disk into your GTA game folder.

5. Make sure your installed GTA VICE CITY FILES are not write protected (Read-Only), before you install this mod change the "read only" attribute of all files in the *\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\ directory, so the files can be written over.

6. Unpack the 7zip and run the GTASOL_Installer.exe.

Take note: Please Do not delete the original GTAVC.exe until after you have run the game with mod files installed, The file will be deleted for you when it is no longer needed. (Anti piracy protection has been added)

7. Run the gtasol.exe to run the mod.

[b]Having problems:

On some systems the mod will sometimes crash when it is run first time, the reason to this is unknown, but running it from a second time, the mod should run without any issues.

If you have any problems installing the mod, Please follow the readme file that is in the mod folder and can also be downloaded from GTAG, and

Make sure you have the latest DirectX 9.0c installed for the SA-Hud to work, but disable the in game hud on the menu display options.

Those running Vista:

Go to into the tools folder found within this mod and unpack the GFXpack.rar file, copy this in to your GTA folder, (replaces the d3d8.dll)

Unpack the data in the /users/GTA Vice City User Files.rar and replace your GTA Vice City User Files, found in C:/users/$useraccount/GTA Vice City User Files/ folder.

Those running Linux, BSD and MACOS X

Download wine from (Tested Wine Version: 0.9.51)

Install the mod by first running Vice-City’s Setup exe (Vice City installer disk)

Type wine /pathtocdrom/setup.exe to install the game.
Type wine gta-vc.exe in the program directory to run the game.

Ubuntu: su <admin password>
 Sudo apt-get install wine

 Install VC be just opening the disk and clicking on the setup.exe

Unpack the data in the /users/GTA Vice City User Files.rar and replace your GTA Vice City User Files, found in C:/users/$useraccount/GTA Vice City User Files/ folder, Copy this to your home account folder /GTA Vice City User Files/.

(Note: Change log below)

Admin and Public Updates:

Updates will be on a regular basis found on GTAStateofliberty, GTAGarage and ModDB.

Do not install OLD updates patches that had been released prier to this new mod release.

The updates are designed so you can just replace your DATA folder, this way keeping up with any changes I make throughout the mod.

Where can I report bugs? | help? | Where can I get the lastest news and development on this mod?:

Where can I give feedback and offer suggestions?:

Warning: To be installed at your own risk

This Mod is classed as a work in progress; to be installed at your own risk, this mod may not work with other mods as all the object assigned ID and X, Y and Z cords have been changed.

This mod will not work with any other (No-Cd) patch, as this EXE is only designed to work with the official legal copy of the GTA: Vice City, with the original (GTAVC.exe) installed first!

Copyright 2004/09:

GTA San Andreas, GTA: Liberty City and GTA: Vice City is copyrighted by Rockstar Games and Take Two Interactive, All Car names & Trademarks are sole property of their owners, all the mods within this modification are property of their developers.

All new content is indicated within this projects documentation for copyright ownership, Permission was given by Rockstar Games before engaging work on this mod, use of the exe, and new modifications within.

GTA: State of Liberty domain is property of the owner. - Mc-Kay,

GTA: LC, VC and SA is property of Take2, Rockstar Games.


The site Moditorium.Net and its contents, "50 States Of Liberty", "GTA State Of Liberty" or "Project Crymaria" are not affiliated with Rockstar North/ Take 2 nor any companies owned by, operated by, or affiliated with Rockstar North/ Take 2.

This project is a private FAN MADE endeavor and is not associated with any "Official" Grand Theft Auto games or any of its trademarks.

No infringement is intended by these FAN MADE projects. We encourage fans/ you to join us in this development and support the project any way you can by spreading the word about us.

Change log: see readme file.

Credits: see readme file.
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File update.
Update 31/Mar/2015; this fixes several bugs with the loader and removed a nasty message that someone unnamed left in. [url=][/url] Replace those old files in either infusions VC or Trilogy VC.

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