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M41 2178 "Rattler"
M41 Hungarian diesel locomotive a.k.a. "Rattler"
Information Files
Author: renderman
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 16 Jul 2009
Last Updated: 16 Jul 2009
Views: 71342
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.46666 (15 votes)
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High detailed locomotive model, it replaces the streak (only the locomotive) in San Andreas.

Install with IMG Tool 2.0:

1.Make a backup of your gta3.img (GTA San Andreas\models\gta3.img)!
2.Replace the file "streak.dff" with mine (Commands>Replace)
3.Replace the file "streak.txd" with mine (Commands>Replace)
4.You have to rebuild gta3.img (Commands>Rebuild Archive)! It's very important!
renderman commented over 9 years ago:
Thx ;)
Aliencity4 commented over 10 years ago:
i am not hungarian but i like it :beerhat: :rampage: :rampage:
renderman commented over 11 years ago:
Köszi mindenkinek! Thanks to everyone! ;)
JesterGeO commented over 11 years ago:
Na tessék! Magyarok mindenhol! Am nagyon szép vonat! :p
-MagicMate- commented over 11 years ago:
Nagyon szép! :happy:
killedfunk commented over 11 years ago:
can ny1 make a train drive on road jus the front engine modded looking like black with lights 'n' stuff on it, ... had this idea in my head, but didn't knew how to do, ... wud be gr8 fun to drive around the city , ... (sorry for bad English), ... :dozing: :dozing: :happy: :happy: :cool: :cool: :alien: :blink: :sigh: :sigh:
ComeFrom86 commented over 11 years ago:
Need This To Be Beter Version, "Were I Can Just Add On With The Image Tool! " Heres Train:
AmaGawd commented over 11 years ago:
Gaabi12 commented over 11 years ago:
Na Ezt Én Máshol Már Láttam... :)
BombowyFarmer commented over 12 years ago:
Awesome ! ;)
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