Binge drinking
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Author: maxmortensen No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 05 Sep 2005
Last Updated: 15 Mar 2006
Views: 72996
Type: Conversion
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big thank to rolla and Madd Dogg

Grab one of the 4 pickups:

	-Beer for just drinking from (no effects).

	-Wine/Rum for drinking and getting drunk (swervy screen and handling respose degrade)

	-Blunt for just smoking (no high).

	-Weed plant for smoking and getting high (swervy scren, handling degrade, and gamespeed drop).

in 3 locations:

	-new game spawn (go left up onto the lawn)

	-Ryders backyard

	-The Bar

|This mod transform your Groove Str. into a place with a lot of things:
|50 Oysters all in one place
|50 Horse Shoes all in one place
|50 Snap Shots all in one place
|Best bike's are waiting for your jack-ass ;)
|Nice Turismo car will make your ride perfect
|Hydra & Rhino from the game start make yor GamePlay great
|Ballas now ride Majestic, Tahoma and Sanchez
|Groove Families now ride Elegy, Jester, Monster & NRG500
|Near Hydra you can find a Minigun
|Near Ryders house you can find 2 Dildos and 2 Vibes (not for you dumb-ass, for your girlfriends)
|Silenced Pistol is in 2 Hands, adds 30 Respect, 30 Sex Appeal and have no bullet spread
|In Los Santos Barber and Tatoos you will find all kind's of haircuts & Tatoos
|Health, Armor & Police Bribe are near your house now
|You can mod almost all vehicles (Transfender Overhaul Mod, thanks to OffRoader23) (read his readme also)
|The Mountain Bike is near BMX on Groove str.
|There is a Hunter on one roof but he falls back and i was too lazy to fix it, i'll made this in v2.0
|On the Import/Export docks pears are all 30 cars
|Dohery garage has nice cars and hydra around
|Almost all stats are on maximum
|Hot Cofee Mod 2.1 included
|All cityes (don't know how to write) avaible (LS, SF, LV)
|Fixed Mission Bugs
|I Think that's all...
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