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Player Selection Screen
San Andreas Player Selection Screen
Information Files
Author: AdTec_224
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.9
Status: Complete
Started on: 20 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 07 Jul 2005
Views: 288528
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.47059 (17 votes)
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Player Selection V0.9 By AdTec_224


Run Player Selection Screen V0.9.exe Locate Your GTA San Andreas Directory And Hit Start.



Run Uninstaller For AdTec_224s Mods.exe Locate Your GTA San Andreas Directory And Hit Start.



Do NOT Install On A Modded Version Of San Andreas!

Players You can Choose:

Johnson House #1 (Middle Sphere) :

Press N = Big Smoke
Press Y = Sweet
Press G = Ten Penny
Press Jump = Claude
Press LMB = Ryder
Press TAB = Cesar
Press Look Behind = OG Loc
Press C = Jizzy
Press Sprint = Mad Dogg
Press Camera = Catalina
Press H = CJ

Johnson House #2 (Right Sphere) :

Press N = Wuzi
Press Y = T-Bone
Press G = Torino
Press Jump = Zero
Press LMB = Truth
Press TAB = Paul
Press Look Behind = Rose
Press C = Pulaski
Press Sprint = Ballas Skin 3
Press Camera = Hernandez
Press Aim = Big Bear
Press H = CJ

Johnson House #3 (Left Sphere) :

Press N = Hommie Skin 1
Press Y = Hommie Skin 2
Press G = Hommie Skin 3
Press Jump = Ballas Skin 1
Press LMB = Ballas Skin 2
Press TAB = Maccer
Press H = CJ

Johnson House #4 (Right Of Johnsons House Steps 1st Sphere) :

Press N = Johnny
Press Y = Janitor
Press G = Jethro
Press Jump = Dwayne
Press LMB = Girlfriend Sexy 1
Press TAB = Girlfriend Sexy 2
Press Look Behind = Girlfriend Sexy 3
Press C = Girlfriend Sexy 4
Press Sprint = Girlfriend Sexy 5
Press Camera = Girlfriend Sexy 6
Press Aim = wuzi's companion
Press H = CJ

Johnson House #5 (Right Of Johnsons House Steps 2nd Sphere) :

Press N = Ryder Rober
Press Y = The Maffia guy
Press G = Emmet
Press Jump = Smoke bulletproof vest
Press TAB = Girlfriend Normal 1
Press Look Behind = Girlfriend Normal 2
Press C = Girlfriend Normal 3
Press Sprint = Girlfriend Normal 4
Press Camera = Girlfriend Normal 5
Press Aim = Girlfriend Normal 6
Press H = CJ

Version Info:

Version V0.1 had some bugs so it never got released.

New In Version 0.2:

4 More Skins Added (Ryder, Claude, cesar and Kendl)

Fixed The Random crashs (Don't Know How I Fixed It)

New In Version 0.2.2:

3 More Skins Added (Catalina, Mad Dogg and Jizzy)

New In Version 0.3:

Fixed Major Bug Concerning Fat And Muslce.

New In Version 0.3.1:

Removed Kendl Added OG Loc.

New In Version 0.4:

Added Main.scm With Missions.

New In Version 0.5:

Added 9 More Skins.

New In Version 0.6:

Added 8 More Skins Also Added A Uninstaller Plus Removed Main.scm With Mission Because The Sphere Wasn't Showing Up.

New In Version 0.7:

Added 10 More Skins.

New In Version 0.8:

Added Another 10 More Skins.

New In Version 0.9:

Fixed Muscles Problem And Added Car Mod Shops.

Report A Bug:

Please Post Your Bug Reports On My Forum Linked Below.

Other Sh*t:

NO One Must Host This Mod!


matzuflex commented over 12 years ago:
when i downloaded the mod and i started a new game but the selection is not their at front of cj house.CAN you HELP ME :(
theblackduck commented over 12 years ago:
How can you see the coordinates on the screen? <img src=p" />
ModMan2000 commented over 13 years ago:
Can anybody help ? I changed my player.txd and player.dff on IMG Tool and cj has weird hands and looks very like a alien cj ! I don't know how to get cj back ! :(
jflamdavis commented over 14 years ago:
It's great and sucks at the same time! It's great because you can be anyone you want, and it sucks because THE SAME PEDS SHOW UP EVERYWHERE! It's really unrealistic to have mercedes-driving rich people in the ghetto! Only about 5 cars spawn in los santos, and you have to say goodbye to variety, gangs (they're nowhere to be found), cops, and the whole atmosphere of the game! THANKS!
sean sweeeet commented over 14 years ago:
wow i cant play it it stops working when i load my profile like when ur about to play on load game and it dosent let me now wtf it fckd up my game thx :angry: :angry: :furious: :sneaky: :sly:
MaryseDynasty commented over 14 years ago:
@ chiromila, You can get CLEO 3 , just backup your obis files and gta.dat use Cleo 3 installer and download skin selector. if you become a woman whose boobs gu up and look ugly, just download walk style changer. PS the 2nd & 3rd walk style on man and woman don't work. just open up animgrp and overwrite an existing walk style. Happy Skin Selecting :cookie: :cookie:
XIO commented over 14 years ago:
Forgot to back up save games never mind that is my fault :) good mod though Except it lagged me a bit
chiromila commented over 15 years ago:
I wanth to play as a character that is alredy in GTA, like the woman with short short almost bald blonde hair and white sparkling dress with white heels. Or the one that looks like her but that had black hair and a black dress, or like a whore that walks on the street.. could you add that to the next verision? Thanks :p
8Jacko8 commented over 15 years ago:
BEWARE, you must start a new game after installing. Your saved games will not work. Be sure to back up your data folder before installing.
Visual Confusion Graphics commented over 16 years ago:
Take a hint, it don't wrk.
I can't play my GTA now until You rehost a PROPER uninstall
The file was corrupted.
Thanks alot..

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