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(Train Grande Vitesse/Tren de Gran Velocidad)
Information Files
Author: snooper
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: v2
Status: Complete
Started on: 31 May 2009
Last Updated: 31 May 2009
Views: 77433
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.58824 (17 votes)
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Authors: snooper Model and textures - snooper ([email protected]) Convert - snooper ([email protected]) Modernisation - none
1) Find models in gta3.img "streak.dff", "streak.txd", "streakc.dff" , "streakc.txd" , "freibox.dff &"freibox.txd and delete them all 2) Import new models into gta3.img "streak.dff", "streak.txd", "streakc.dff" , "streakc.txd" "freibox.dff &"freibox.txd 3) Satl2:use this program for organize the train read "installation" exemple :streak + streakc + streakc + freibox warning:dont organize like : streak + streakc + freibox + "streak"! put just once "streak" to replace the loco. 3) Enjoy the game!
modfighter11 commented over 6 years ago:
wonderful :r*: :rol: :alien: :O :p
Mahmood321 commented over 7 years ago:
That was an amazing train.Here is a cookie: :cookie: :cookie:
088218095469 commented over 7 years ago:
NICE :D :D :r*:
dragon122333 commented over 8 years ago:
Cool best train i have seen ever :D :colgate: :lol: :lol:
buddhikasandaruwan commented over 9 years ago:
Very good mod. Train simulator is good. But it isn't speed over 50.
Denzof96 commented over 9 years ago:
best damn mod ever (Only In Trains) You Deserve A Cookie My Firend :cookie: :cookie: :r*:
sonic030 commented over 10 years ago:
please visit my topic [REQUEST]New TGV Model And Perfect Handling Please visit now and help me
Nukey commented over 10 years ago:
would be nice if you made a streakBC.dff (backwards) cuz a TGV has a front and back loco i tried to import it in blender with a importer but didnt work cuz it was a gta VC importer.
ComeFrom86 commented over 10 years ago:
Need This To Be Beter Version, "Were I Can Just Add On With The Image Tool! " Heres Train:
Adam0795 commented over 10 years ago:
Nice mod and its not so hard just replace txd/dff files in img tool...
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