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Author: FourFrench
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Complete
Started on: 26 Aug 2005
Last Updated: 26 Aug 2005
Views: 148842
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.66667 (9 votes)
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It's a very nice skoda car for SA
CoCoKrunch commented over 7 years ago:
BULL S*HIT! It made my GTA SA CRASHED. FCKN RETARD :furious: GO TO HELL! :devil: :rampage: :rampage:
riderseye commented over 7 years ago:
Thank you. :) [color=]
Medicat commented over 7 years ago:
Blingy, This Skoda Car Is Produced, I Saw It In Czech Republic (Where Skoda Comes From) And, IF You Say, ITS A COPY, All Car Company's Copy From Other People, Its A Fact Of Life , Anyways, Nice Skoda Car! :catloaf:
Hakiem commented over 9 years ago:
Kindly sir, can you make Skoda car based on Le Tour de France edition? ... :whuh:
Gta-Dorus commented over 9 years ago:
Nice One! :D
Doc.AK commented over 10 years ago:
Nice mod
Ford Mustang commented over 12 years ago:
It' a veery nice car!!Good work JVT!! I'll download it!
Domaner65 commented over 13 years ago:
Yea it is good... I am from that area where it is first made!!!
Blingy commented over 13 years ago:
Thats Bull****!!!JVT Made that Car!Ur one of those Bullsh*t Converters whose convet cars that Arnt Urs.Look In the Picture!It has JVT in the Pic!What a Assclown.Really.If ur gonna make a Good conversion make sure u dont suck at It.
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