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The Lost and Damned Unlocked
TLaD Unlocked PC
Information Files
Author: Indi.
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: V. GTAF
Status: Complete
Started on: 07 May 2009
Last Updated: 11 Jul 2009
Views: 56550
Type: Collaborative (other modder(s)' work involved)
Rating: 2.99999 (14 votes)
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The Lost and Damned Unlocked GTAF Version

The Lost and Damned Unlocked - Version 4 - Trailer
Features: New TLaD Fonts The Lost and Damned WeaponInfo Updated ASI loader and script for Patch TLaD HUD New Loading Screens New Radio Station Huds The Lost background for your Phone, it's a bit pixelated (WHIZ) Brand New Weapon Icons from The Lost and Damned: Grenade Launcher Sawn-Off Shotgun Pibe Bomb Assault Shotgun Automatic 9mm Pool Cue Baseball Bat replaced by the Pool Cue Johnny's Hexer Bike (replaced by the Zombie) Johnny's Clothes, and Leather Jacket Johnny's Default IV clothes (Not The Lost and Damned) peds.ide, new Johnny animations, when you switch to Johnny CREATOR Indi. Special Thanks simkas - Johnny's Default Clothes blazer40uk - TLaD Bikes Discovery Fabio206 - Save Games NitroNuts - Animations, Help CCPD - Logo aru - SparkIV, C++ Redistributable gamerzworld - Hacked SparkIV for Patch Astrixone - Fixed WeaponInfo Anna&I - Helping Out coldfusion33 - Helping Out Funky_Donkey_BG - TLaD Hud HazardX - .NET Scripthook, Previous Versions of TLaD Unlocked fengyeblade - Bodyguard mod, not in this version HeLLZone100 - TLaD files pinky - TLaD bikes appearing on the streets (Removed due to being unstable) Ted93 - TLaD Annihilator Rockets If I forgot anyone that helped, I'm sorry. And of course, the fans of the mod that made me resurect it from the dead! Any bugs you find, will be addressed in a future patch. If you would like to know the settings of the Console Version to make it like TLaD, here it is: Resolution 1280 x 720 @ 20 -30 fps Texture Quality Medium Reflection Resolution Medium Water Quality Medium Shadow Quality High Render Quality Low View Distance 21 Detail Distance 10 Vehicle Density 33 Shadow Density does not exist on the Xbox 360 Definition off Vsync off Thanks to CharmingCharlie on GTAF. Next Feature which will be implamented in a patch: Loading Screen Audio Updated 'Protect-Bodyguard' Script for Patch THANK YOU! YOU MAY NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES RELEASE THIS MOD WITHOUT THE CREATOR'S PERMISSION (Indi.) PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: [email protected] IF YOU WANT THE MOD ON YOUR SITE! UNFIXABLE BUGS When you select F8 to play as Johnny, you will lose your weapons, due to the character switch, however. You can buy weapons whilst playing as Johnny. C++ Controls F8 to play as Johnny Press F9 to play as a random variation of Niko Press F7 to spawn the Hexer Bike Fixed Bugs: Font Fixed Randomly Changing to Johnny BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL PEDS.IDE american.gxt Hexer fixed REMOVED SAVED GAMES, CAUSED PROBLEMS TLaD WeaponInfo's, Auto Pistol and Annihilator Rockets, left in (Ted93) CHANGELOG Updated to Patch Handling Fixed Sorry I couldn't get the Health's meter turn to white, I couldn't find out what to do, but I'll still try, if I can't do it. I just can't. Sorry guys.
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TLaD Unlocked V. GTAF Released
Today I have released a newer version to The Lost and Damned Unlocked mod, this is the GTAF Version. The GTAF Version is a safe version to keep me from being banned at GTAF, as there are 2 versions. One is an uncensored version and one is a GTAF Version, the GTAF Version does not have the TLaD TV Shows, which is why I have released this one elsewhere, I can't say where this will be released. In this mod, there is a handling fix, and in the Uncensored Version there is the handling fix and the TLaD TV Shows. I hope you enjoy the latest version, thanks for the support to continue fixing this mod and making it an improvement! Cheers.

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