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GTA3 Unfinished Business
Keeping the old, alive
Information Files
Author: ms.cooldude
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 09 Apr 2009
Last Updated: 27 Sep 2009
Views: 31749
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.64999 (20 votes)
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This project started just about a few months ago when I thought that there was so much that GTA3 could have yet nobody ever did it. The other thing is that only a few if any mod such a classic game anymore. There is still so much potential, and thats why I decided to start working on this mod. :^:

Current features:

The dates symbolize when the feature was last updated. (e.g - bug fixes to any improvements) All update details can be shown in the updates section.

- Five new exclusive missions + one new challenge!
Did the game really end?

- Mysterious Mananas!
Rare but rewarding to find. If you get bored, find them all.

- Health to 100% after rest
After saving your game, the health will go back to 100%, as it does in the other GTA games.

- Digital Speedometer
Allows you to see the speed of your vehicle when driving.

- Greater Vehicle + Pedestrian density
There is an increase in the amount of vehicles and peds that are spawned on the road.

- Bodyguard
You may think this has been done before, but that is what makes this particular one special. The bodyguard is always driven around the city and is recruited by following the marker on the map. It is not considered as a chase as he is being driven in a car at the same speed as traffic.

- GTA2 Feature: The Car Crusher
In GTA2 and GTA3 there are car crushers however only GTA2 gave items such as weapons in exchange. This mod will add this feature into GTA3.

- Wanted Level
Ever wanted to control the wanted level without it automaticly increasing or decreasing when felony's are commited. With a press of a button this will allow you to control the wanted level weither you want to keep it at two stars for example or six if your a bit crazy!

Ever wanted instant slow motion in those fun and crazy shootouts! With a press of a button this will allow your player to experiance the ultimate adrenaline shot and will allow you to immediately enter slow motion with a red blur allowing you to have more time to decide how to kill! Your player must replenish however to use it again (About 30 seconds).

This is an element which I was intending to include separately, but as it isn't really classified as a mission, I decided to put this in as a bonus. :^:
A very fun and addictive challenge where you gain points by killing enemies. The objective is to eliminate all the enemies you can before you die and aim to get the best score! My best is 22. I got 19 on the video shown below <img src=p" />
I got this idea from the 'Nazi Zombies' mode in 'Call of Duty 5', instead of levels, its judged on the amount of kills!
Just like the mode in COD5, there are many ways to help you increase your score. Weapons are scattered all around the area and collecting them can create a different experiance each time you play. :)

Killing each enemy in the challenge now earns the player $100. Hospital fees are also payed off at the end when you die so that you don't end up wasting money you earned. Note, this is another way of earning realistic amounts of money. :^:

Weapons spawned in area:
- AK47
- Shotgun
- Molotov
- Rocket Launcher

Hopefully once the mod is ready to download, you can submit your scores and I can set up a leaderboard. The player can now view their own record in the statistics menu. :^:

- Car Showroom
Ability to finally buy vehicles at the car showroom in the game. Prices range from cheap to expensive depending on the vehicle.

- HQ Radar Icons
High res 64*64 radar icons are now placed in game.

- Interior additions
Currently, three interiors have been put in the mod, and they are all here thanks to OnePiece. Took some time extracting and putting in without any bugs but it was so worth it. <img src=p" /> This will help with the purchasing properties addition where more places can now be bought.

Apartment 1 - In Portland
Apartment 2 - In Staunton Island
Joey's Garage

- Collision Corrections
The rooftops of Love media building and Kenji's casino are now 100% solid. Everything from bridges to pools are solid. There is no invisible floor. This will be used in the mod and will help with the properties feature. :^:


- Additional HUD Icons
I have decided to create a hud icon to use for the purchasing properties feature. The dollar sign does the job nicely here with a few photoshop edits. Size of the icon is 64*64. =]

- Purchasing Properties
Currently at a very alpha stage, again don't expect much yet. This is an element that guarantee to add ways to spend and use money earned in the game. The baseline script is completed and therefore it is now easier to add properties. The video below shows the first test of my code and I have shown two properties. The Hyaku dojo unlocks the infinitive run feature and the ability to enter and drive the previous owner's vehicle (Parked at back and not shown in video sorry). Ray's hideout unlocks the ability to save at the location. A pistol is also spawned there just as one would at the usual safe houses. :^:

So far the script is bug free

Current properties with their rewards:

Ray's Hideout
- Adds a new save point.
- Adds weapons to spawn at property.
- Adds a new garage to store any vehicle.
- Player receives bullet proof Patriot.
Hyaku Dojo
- Player receives the ability to run continuously.
- A Special colored Kuruma is parked at the back of the dojo.
Donald Love's Building
- Adds a new save point.
- Adds a new location to visit.
- Adds weapons to spawn at property.
Aspatria Docks
- Boats now spawn at dock. (Very useful as it is close to Shoreside Vale)
Self Storage Area
- Adds a new save point.
- Adds weapons to spawn at property.
- Adds a bunch of garages to store your vehicles! :D (6 Slots!)
Bus Garage
- Adds a new save point.
- Coaches and buses spawn at the garage
Apartments [There are many of these][/u]
- Adds a new save point.
- Adds weapons to spawn at property*
- Adds a new garage to store any vehicle*

* - Only at some apartments

- Taxi
Currently at a very alpha stage, don't expect much. It is not possible to call a taxi like in IV. That is why I thought why not create taxi's spawned around the city. Currently I have not added the ability to choose the location to go to. Note that this will also add more ways to spend money in the game. :^:

- You can hop into the taxi's with a press of a button.
- You have the ability to travel to a wide range of destinations.
- Taxi starts driving and then the screen fades. You are then at your destination.
- All fares are currently $50

More and more features are still being added. :^:
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