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GTA:VCS Savepack For PS2
ARMax / MaxDrive format
Information Files
Author: GTA Phreak No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Apr 2009
Last Updated: 06 Apr 2009
Views: 9858
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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GTA Vice city Stories Savepack for PS2 Maxdrive (EU/Pal) by GTA Phreak

Selected GTA:Vice city Stories saves for PS2

No cheats, cheatdevices etc. or glitches were used / exploited for the included saves.
Early access to closed off areas were achieved using a Yankee to jump the roadblock at Starfish island.
All saves: Victor never wasted or busted. Garage content may vary.

US Version is converted from EU version using PS2 Savebuilder, - use at own risk.

1: Soldier (4.6%) "Balloon save"

All red balloons popped.

No storyline missions completed (except "Soldier" prologue)
All safe house item pickups won't be available before you move to your 1st. real safe house

2: Soldier (6.3%) "R3 missions save"

All red balloons popped.
Taxi, Paramedic, Firefighter and Vigilante completed.

No storyline missions completed (except "Soldier" prologue)

3: Soldier (33.8%) "Side missions / Rampage save"

As save 2 plus:

All rampages (35) completed
All PCJ Playgrounds (4) completed
All Sanchez, BMX, Quad Time trials (24) completed
Caddy Daddy and Rush! completed

All of the above missions can be repeated.
No storyline missions completed (except "Soldier" prologue)

4: Soldier (49.2%) "Ultimate(?) starting save"

As save 3 plus:

All Unique jumps (36) completed

No storyline missions completed (except "Soldier" prologue)

5: To Victor, the Spoils (60.0%) "Empire building save"

As save 4 plus:

Shooting Range completed.
All Turismo races completed.

Storyline advanced until Empire building is opened.
4/30 Empire sites owned.

6: From Zero to Hero (82.9%) "All map opened save"

As save 5 plus:

All sidemissions completed, except: Crash, Watersports, Swingers Club and Skywolf
All Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound lists completed
All empire sidemissions completed
All empire "High roller" outfits unlocked
29/30 Empire sites owned
Rhino in Clymenus garage.

Storyline advanced until both islands is available

7: Over the Top (99.2%) "Last Stand save"

As save 6 plus:

All sidemissions completed, except: Skywolf
30/30 Empire sites owned.

Storyline advanced to just before the final mission.
Due to a %bug, completing the final mission will unlock 100% benefits, but the
Skywolf sidemission unlocked by "Last Stand" also needs to be completed for
"Truly" 100%.

8: Last Stand (100.0%) "100% Save"

Game completed 100%
GTA Phreak commented over 8 years ago:
You need a method to transfer the saveblock to your memorycard. The files are in maxdrive format (for use with Maxdrive or ARMax), but it should be possible to convert it for other formats by using PS2SaveBuilder
.:CristhianDBG:. commented over 8 years ago:
how Install?
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