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Bomb Bag + Newspaper
Now without replacing grenade!
Information Files
Author: Nevitro
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.00 TBoGT
Status: Complete
Started on: 31 Mar 2009
Last Updated: 02 May 2011
Views: 21469
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.66667 (3 votes)
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Now You can have BomB Bag WITHOUT replacing grenade! How? Only You must have Simple Native Trainer! Download Install file (BomBag install readme.txt) and get this BomB Bag to Your Libery City! MAKE TERROR! KILL PEDS! BE PSYCHO! :D Installation for newbie - max. 3-4 minutes. Run GTA IV - 2 minutes. Fun with this mod - priceless. Waiting to approvial... ^^ Checking all time, this file only waiting for admin... ^^ New video with this mod(HQ):
Hello!(sorry for my english) This mod adds: - Newspaper to throw - instead of grenades (ONLY AVAILABLE IN VERSIONS 4.0 and OLDER! - Bomb Bag - instead of Molotov Now only buy molotov in some weapon shop and pleace this "netrual" bag everywhere do You want! Mayby in centrum of 10 cars? Mayby drive, hold bomb in hand and throw on people in street! Video(HQ):
Translated by Garfield 2 - Thanks! Bug Fixes: Version 1.0: - First release Version 2.0: - Realistic damage Version 3.0: - Improved realistic damaged - Realistic explosions Version 4.0: - Realistic Damage - Realistic explosions - Improved animation Version 5.0: - Removed newspaper - Molotov is replaced with the bomb Version 6.0 - Removed newspaper - Grenade is replaced with the bomb Version 7.0 - Same as version 6 but the damage to the player is smaller so it's fun to see Niko and peds fly in the air Version 8.0 - Same as version 7 (delete grenade - add Bomb Bag) but the best explosion - many black clouds Version 9.0 - Bomb Bag for mod RealizmIVā„¢ Version 10.0 - Bomb Bag without replacing another weapon. Must have SNT. NEW ! Now for TBoGT! [will soon for TLAD] Version 1.0 for TBoGT [only Bomg Bag, without newspaper] -more damage, spectacle and powerfull explosion -nobody will shot You when pleace bomb!
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kudoboi commented over 12 years ago:
stop using russian, it comes out in my com screen this 5482375619874#&@*(&$(!&(@&!*(!)&%(!*&@(7491279&!#(&#*(!&%(!&($29759. its spamming f*ck! :furious:
polodave commented over 12 years ago:
huj ci w dupe soulbody
soulbody commented over 13 years ago:
then agian stop f*cking speak polisch this is an english website
Nevitro commented over 13 years ago:
This isn't russia - this is polish. Sorry about people in my country ...
soulbody commented over 13 years ago:
hello this an english sh*t stupid russia's
polodave commented over 13 years ago:
hehe fajnie ze mozesz w torbe strzelac :p
R3D3MON commented over 13 years ago:
Ah nie, Już zauwazyłem w downloadzie ze jest kilka wersji. :p Super mod! :Ddzięki.
R3D3MON commented over 13 years ago:
Hm, a masz może nowsze wersje? :nervous: Czy ta jest najnowsza?:o
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Without replacing weapons!
Now You can get Bomb Bag without replacing grnade and other weapons! When You need - spawn, if You don't need - not use and fun with standard weapons! You don't must decide about what weapon have - grenade or bomb bag? And You like throwing grenades but You too want sometimes put bomb bag? Now it's possible! Put BomB Bag and then throw around grenades! And BE PSYCHO! :D

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