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The Airstrike
Annhilator. Rockets. Fun
Information Files
Author: ExistHaunebu No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 20 Mar 2009
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2009
Views: 11582
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4 (4 votes)
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Ted93´s and Existhaunebu´s Annhilator v 1.0

Did you ever dreamed of shooting nxxxS out of the sky with a huge carpet of explosions?
Here you´ve got the rocket-launching annhilator!

Watch the demo!

This Mod replaces the normal rifle-assaulting annhilator, with a rocket-launching one. LOL

Have fun with it!
joseijnden commented over 12 years ago:
does this work on GTA EFLC?
vMindTrixv commented over 13 years ago:
Just downloaded and was curious if you knew that there are 2 of the "common/data folders". Oh and like that one guy above me said. Can you use this in multiplayer or no?
m1c4d0 commented over 13 years ago:
Hi all, Is it possible to use this in Multiplayer?
Solal21 commented over 13 years ago:
Thanks man, I try it and seriously wow ! The vids I'll can do now XD ! :r*:
Backtrap commented over 13 years ago:
NOW thats more like it... it used to fly like a grenade... its really cool! :) :D
ExistHaunebu commented over 13 years ago:
I forgot some: Watch the Video, so you can see what i mean. :r*:
ExistHaunebu commented over 13 years ago:
ATTENTION! This is an Update of the Version Ted93 Released a few days ago. :devil:The projectiles are flying straight now!:devil:
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