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GTA3 XBOX Version Mod
Converting everything from Xbox to PC
Information Files
Author: rmws.
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: v1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 18 Mar 2009
Last Updated: 07 Apr 2013
Views: 380964
Type: Conversion
Rating: 4.79643 (113 votes)
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Update 2 for Version v1.0 - Released!
Grand Theft Auto III Xbox mod HISTORY I converted my first Xbox model on January 28 2009, after reading "Differences between GTA 3 PC and XBOX" topic posted by Ghost Bear in GTAIII section. He compared a car in all versions of Grand Theft Auto 3 and I was shocked after seeing how detailed Xbox model was. Later I watched some GTA3 Xbox gameplay videos and noticed more differences: higher quality textures, pedestrian models with separate fingers and bone animations, real time reflections, specular highlight on vehicles and roads, improved vegetation, buildings with dynamic shadows imitation and awesome particle effects. I thought that one car conversion is not enough, so on February 19 2009 I started GTA3 Xbox mod topic and began working on this new project. After nearly 4 years, this modification is finally finished, although there are some features which cannot be ported to PC version, but did everything I could to get the PC version look as close as possible to Xbox version. Cheers and happy playing - rmws. FEATURES - Xbox version vehicles - Fully rigged Xbox version actors and pedestrians - Improved game graphics and effects - Xbox version buildings and objects - High quality textures - Remake of console version menu - Original Xbox Intro movies - High quality Xbox loadscreens - High quality radio stations - Improved sound effects Additional features: - HUD switch option - New high quality textures that were not present in original Xbox version - New collision data for Ghost Town, Kenji's Casino, etc. - Some PC version model improvements - Double Cleff FM radio station from PS2 version with extra "O Mio Babbino Caro" song All beta 1.2 features (Vice City style body armour, Easy Credit Autos building with interior, new time controlled objects, secret smileys from Vice City Stories and improved game script with purchasing property and crouching ability) were removed, because I would like to stay as close as possible to the original GTA3 Xbox version developed by Rockstar Vienna. *In order to use high quality radio stations, you must install a No-CD crack.* Xbox radio stations download link - INSTALLATION 1) Install Grand Theft Auto 3 2) Run Xbox mod v1.0 installation Setup 3) Apply Xbox mod update 1 4) Apply Xbox mod update 2 5) Load the game and enjoy :) GAME OPTIONS To improve Xbox version feeling: - Disable Frame Limiter - Enable Frame Sync - Switch to Classic Controls - Play with joypad FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: My game freezes/crashes before/after loading. What is the problem? A1: Most common mistake - loading an unsupported savegame from previous betas, where different mission script was used. Choose a different savegame or start a new game. A2: It might be your hardware's fault. Old graphic cards or integrated laptop motherboards might not support ENBSeries. Try removing d3d8.dll and d3d9.dll files from GTA3 directory. Q: I double-click on gta3.exe, but the game does not start. How can I fix this? A: Delete gta3.set file in Documents/GTA3 User Files and try again. Q: After deleting txd.img file and "Converting textures to optimal format for your video card" message my game does not start. How can I fix that? A: Do not delete txd.img file! Textures in this archive are compressed to save more hard drive space. * Some computer systems automatically delete this file. Solution: 1) Install Grand Theft Auto 3 2) Start the game 3) Set your graphics settings and then start a new game at least once 4) Play for a while and then exit the game 5) Delete gta3.set file in Documents/GTA3 User Files 6) Install Xbox Version mod 7) Change your graphics setting again and you are good to go Q: My GTA3 crashes during the second part of the Intro cutscene. What is the problem? A: The cause is unknown. To avoid this problem just skip the cutscene. Q: My game always crashes during cutscenes or when I land the Dodo plane. How can I fix this? A1: (for Xbox mod v1.0) Try removing xboxui.cs file from GTAIII/CLEO folder. A2: (for Xbox mod v1.0 + Update) Remove iiigfx.flt file from GTAIII folder. Q: Xbox mod decreased the frame rate. How can I fix this? A1: Disable ENBSeries graphic tweak by pressing SHIFT+F12. A2: Reduce game draw distance or resolution. This will keep your game running in a playable speed. A3: Removing iiigfx.flt file from GTAIII folder might help to increase the performance. Q: Custom skins do not match the player model correctly. Why? A: Xbox player has a different texture mapping data now and in order to use custom skins properly you must edit them first (you can find texture guide in skins folder). Q: Far long distance objects should be semi-gray and darker, but after installing Xbox mod they do not look like that. Sometimes far buildings are flashing. How can I fix this? A: ENBSeries is causing this problem. Press change camera button (HOME/C by default) a few times until the glitch disappears. Q: Intro movies look messed up. Why? A: They were decoded and converted from Bink (.bik) format. You need to download a latest video and audio codec pack to fix this problem. Q: Is it safe to install the latest Xbox mod version on the previous one? A: Yes, unless you have combined other mods with it. Q: Are you going to make Vice City Xbox conversion? A: No. However, I would like to port GTA3 Xbox mod to GTA Liberty City someday. CREDITS Project author: rmws. - converting, modeling, texturing, coding, EXE hacking and mapping Thanks to users who contributed to Xbox mod: GTAIII HD Team. pearcyp and DK22Pac - high quality textures and headlights script XAF226 - Xbox cutscene actor models in Vice City format XEPOMAHT007 - original Xbox buildings Fireburns - high quality textures DimZet13 - high quality textures and Asuka's condo conversion SilentPL - road reflections fix SLAYERMAGGOT - converting and beta testing ThirteenAG - useful memory address eminemd12 - petrol pump fix ManDog - playa2 skin Ghost Bear - Car Shop script ms.cooldude - Purchasing Property script 1TUFSS - real-time reflection imitation I would also like to thank AK-73 for his awesome dffxbox2pc tool, because without it Xbox mod would not exist! Xbox mod v1.0 uses: ENBSeries v0.075 graphics tweak developed by BorisVorontsov ( GTA III Custom Scripts Engine by Seemann and Alien ( Update 1 uses GTA3 Mod Install Generator by LithJoe. "Amazing. Absolutely amazing. This breathes whole new life into GTA3. It feels like it's Christmas morning, 2001 all over again" - Slickie For more information and updates check out GTAIII Xbox Version topics: English community forum: Russian community forum: THIS MOD IS NOT FOR SALE, RENT OR EBAY!
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Xbox mod v1.0 update 1
Update pack for v1.0 is in progress. So far it features improved vehicle models (they look smoother), improved menu (better interface, correct menu backgrounds), graphic improvements (stronger omni lighting on vehicles and peds, better shadows, improved ambient lighting and car reflections). I'm planning to do more stuff if I'm lucky enough to find some time ;) Keep your eye on GTAF/GTAGarage and wait for more updates

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