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General Dilemma
A tough mission for San Andreas!
Information Files
Author: Dutchy3010
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.1
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Mar 2009
Last Updated: 29 May 2009
Views: 16325
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.55555 (18 votes)
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This mission mod was based on the Winning entry by GTA-Sheep for the "Design Your Own Mission" contest on the dutch In this contest people had to invent their own Mission. The Winning entry has been implemented by the contest-leaders (Dutchy3010 and PatrickW). It is an extensive Mission, where Cesar and Kendle have been kidnapped and CJ has to free them. Being inventive, gunfights, crouching, stealth-killing and escaping by car, it's all in there.
1) Create a directory MPACK in the directory "GTA San Andreas User Files" in "My Documents". 2) Copy the MPACK3 directory from this download into that new directory. 3) Start GTA San Andreas, start a new game and choose the option: "DYOM:General Dilemma".
Mission Description
You will now start in front of the Four Dragon casino, and you will find the mission startmarker at your righthand side. Be sure to pay attention to the helptexts that appear ingame, as they will provide valuable information. To free Kendle and Cesar from the Area69 compound, you first need some soldier clothing. You have to get them from the military fuel depot in Las Venturas. After you found a way in, you have to kill the guard there. When you have the soldier clothes, you have to proceed to area 69, but you can't come to close with a vehicle as that will attract their attention. After you walked into the base unnoticed, you'll go inside. Inside you're only allowed into the Cargobay area, but you can't take any firearms inside. Beyond the cargo bay, you are only allowed with a special ID card. You can get it by finding and killing the head-researcher. But this means that you have to sneak your way past the guards unnoticed. Don't let them see or hear you. Always crouch and kill guards by stealth-method if needed. Some dark corners protect you, so that guards will not see you. Once you have the ID, you can proceed to the general without the guards bothering you. Convince the general with a gun to release Kendle and Cesar, and flee with them and your prisoner in a patriot to woozie in San Fiero.
Dutchy3010 (scm-scripting) PatrickW (scm-scripting) GTA-Sheep (Idea and testing)
FortCarson commented over 9 years ago:
Hey CJ Didn't steal the Green Goo From Area 69 But he Stole The Black Project "JetPack"...
FortCarson commented over 9 years ago:
Hey it's Cool Mission I Downloaded it from Here :cool: .
lancehonorio commented over 10 years ago:
Im in the fuel to get clothes i cant get any the arrow is still pointing at them :furious: :angry: :( :bored: [color=Blue]
TR_Unknown commented over 14 years ago:
Cool mission! Nice job. But Green Goo isnt at the Woozie, it is at the Truth. Also cool plates :p
Dutchy3010 commented over 14 years ago:
This isn't DYOM, this is just a mission we created with SCM. You can find the DYOM-mod here. You can find dyomx.dat in San Andreas User Files.
IndiJo commented over 14 years ago:
wheres the DYOM.dat file?
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