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Total Vehicle Control
.Net Script
Information Files
Author: Ferna_22 No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 3.9.7
Status: Complete
Started on: 04 Mar 2009
Last Updated: 04 Dec 2011
Views: 47700
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.45455 (11 votes)
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If you find a bug leave a message here...

  • Controls V1.0:
  • Press I to lock all doors (you will not be able to get out or get in of the car) Press O to unlock all doors Press J to put on your seat belt (you will not fly through the wind screen if you crash) Press K to put off your seat belt Press L to repair your vehicle Press N to make your vehicle unbreakable (your vehicle will recieve visual damage and deformations, but will be no functional damage) Press M to make your vehicle breakable Press Numpad 0 to get a speed boost Press Numpad 1 to automatically brake the vehicle Press Numpad 2 to wash your vehicle Press Numpad 3 to besmirch your vehicle Press Numpad 6 and all doors of the nearest vehicle will be unlocked (a sound will be displayed) Press Numpad 7 and your vehicle will be invisible (you will only see the driver sitting in the air XD) Press Numpad 8 to make your vehicle visible Press Numpad 9 to put in your vehicle a timed bomb that will explode in 7 seconds (before doing it, be sure your doors are unlocked)...
  • Controls V1.2:
  • Press Numpad 4 and a GPS will be located to the nearest vehicle (a new red point will appear in your map, that red point is the vehicle you choosed) Press Numpad 5 and a timed bomb will be located to the nearest vehicle and it will explode in 5 seconds...
  • New in V1.3:
  • Now, when you add a GPS to a vehicle, the color of the point in the map will be randomly selected, now there are more than only red points...
  • Controls V1.5:
  • Press Page Up and you vehicle will change its color to a random...
  • New in V2.0:
  • Now you can change the keys inside a .INI file, the default keys are the same that before, except that now you can use Numpad 9 to plant the bomb from inside or outside, and the color changer is now used by Numpad 5... Now the "Unbreakable Vehicle" function works...
  • New in V2.1:
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing you to make explode an unbreakable vehicle with a timed bomb...
  • New in V2.3:
  • Added a new Remote-Controlled Bomb, you can add a bomb from inside ("+" key by default), to 5 different vehicles at a time, when you see that the game doesnīt display "Bomb Located", move away of the vehicles that you explode, when they disappear, you will be able to explode vehicles again (I tried to make this function avaible from outside of the vehicle, but I had problems with the code and I couldnīt make it, in future versions you will be able to use more than 5 bombs at a time)...
  • New in V3.0:
  • Supports .NET Script Hook v1.6.1.2, GTA IV and EFLC Changed the function to lock the doors, now you can lock and unlock the doors with a single key... Deleted the Remote-Controlled Bomb, maybe it will be back in the next release... Fixed a bug with the Car Unlocker... Your vehicle will not receive any visual damage now when it is Unbreakable...
  • New in V3.1:
  • Now you will lock or unlock the doors like before, the system of V3.0 was buggy... Fixed some bugs with the timed bomb, now you canīt add a timed bomb to an exploded vehicle...
  • New in V3.2 (Reuploaded due to a problem in the INI file):
  • Now you can put "Total_Vehicle_Control_sounds" where you want by adding its path to the INI file (remember that the path should NOT end with "\", follow the example of the default path)... You wonīt be searched by the police when you unlock a car on the street anymore... The GPS will be displayed only in the map, there arrow over the car will no longer be displayed...
  • New in V3.5:
  • Supports .NET Script Hook v1.7.1.4, GTA IV and EFLC Fixed a bug where the timed bombīs timer was running when the vehicle already exploded...
  • New in V3.7:
  • Now you can enable or disable the text displays, TextDisplaysOn will enable or disable all the text displays except the Timed Bombs display, that you can modify with BombsTextDisplaysOn in the INI file... Fixed a bug where your vehicle shows a weird texture when you use the Dirty function... Now you will not be pulled off of your bike when you use the Door Lock function...
  • New in V3.8:
  • Added new function to open and close the hood and the trunk of your vehicle (Divide key by default)...
  • New in V3.9:
  • Added a new function to make your vehicle jump (Multiply key by default), you can change the force of the jump in the INI file (7.5 by default)...
  • New in V3.9.5:
  • Fixed a bug that happened with the function added in V3.9...
  • New in V3.9.7:
  • Recompiled with .NET Script Hook V1.7.1.6... Fixed a bug with the Timed Bomb...
You need .NET Script Hook V1.7.1.6 BETA... Download the latest version here: ... Thanks to HazardX for the .NET Script Hook :D ... I lost the source code of my scripts, so this is the last version of it and will not have future development or support. Iīm sorry.
Ferna_22 commented over 6 years ago:
I lost the source code, sorry but this script is over :( .
Lordofminor commented over 6 years ago:
Are you going to try tha tindicators, or you stopped with this already? Thanks for reply
Ferna_22 commented over 7 years ago:
With the unbreakable function, your vehicle will not have any kind of damage with crashes, shots, explosions, etc... The timed bomb will make explode even an unbreakable car...
obscuridadsanandreas commented over 7 years ago:
So, with the Unbreakable Car turned on, the car looks like it's getting beat up but it won't stop working, right? If I put a timed bomb on it and ran off, and it exploded, since there would be no actual damage, would I be able to get in and drive the smoldering wreck? :blink:
Ferna_22 commented over 8 years ago:
I can make the indicator lights work but both are turned on or off with my method, Iīm working on this function to make it be selectable between left and right since the function is a native and itīs not implemented as a code yet...
12uniflew commented over 8 years ago:
wow yeah indicator lights would be awsome :inlove:
Ferna_22 commented over 8 years ago:
Semjase, I will search if there is a way to make the indicator lights work and I will add this function in the next release ;) ...
semjase777 commented over 8 years ago:
light indicator ? left or right light? :)
Ferna_22 commented over 8 years ago:
I am out of this at the moment, maybe in a week I will be able to recompile this script to the latest .NET Script Hook ...
Skelet0n commented over 8 years ago:
will it work on (eng) with .Net Script Hook v0.893 BETA? My game just writes "Couldn't load script... "
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