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InGame Trainer
Advanced in-game trainer for GTA IV
Information Files
Author: Awwu
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 1.9.0
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 26 Feb 2009
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2009
Views: 82538
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.23076 (26 votes)
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inGame Trainer is a basic trainer with multiple different options bundled with a nice in-game graphical user interface to make the browsing easier.

Some notes for 1.9.0 and forward:
- The trainer doesn't work in MP anymore. This is due to R*'s will not to use modifications in multiplayer.
- You need to download the Script Hook redistributable from [this topic] to be able to use the trainer.

Trainer currently has:
- Vehicle options inluding vehicle spawner and color changer
- Player options including weapon and money selector etc.
- Quick options including "cheat-a-like" quick options: clear wanted, fix car etc.
- Enabler/disabler including drunk mode, toggle gravity off etc
- Much more and still more to come!

This trainer is intented for fun so some of the options are disabled in multiplayer.
You can use this trainer in its entirety in only single player or multiplayer party mode.
This trainer also works in non-ranked free mode but with cut down options.

Installation is explained in the included Readme.txt file.

Changelog for 1.9.0:
- Support for patch
- Fixed addSpeedInSpeedUp INI option using inverted value in-game
- Some minor tweaks with the visual side of the menus
- Added flying rat, stunt jump and Stevie's car theft locations to location teleporter (many thanks go to bailcom)
- Added episodic weapons to weapon selector, they're skipped by default but you may use INI to change that
- Added quick key support for enabler/disabler options
- Added configurable limits for weather and component selector
- Changed the default rate in respect editor to 0.2 from 0.05 and also made it configurable through INI
- Added "Teleport to waypoint" to quick options
- Added "Gravity gun" to enabler/disabler which works for both peds and cars (note that it may not work for every ped/vehicle)
- Seperated visible damage god mode as a seperate option in enabler/disabler for vehicles
- Added alternative god mode in enabler/disabler, currently rather experimental
- Fixed typo in EnableSounds in INI, if you didn't get the option work earlier, it should work now :)

Awwu/AwwYou: Creator (Original topic here:
aru: C++ Script Hook ( on which this trainer is built on)
bailcom: Gathering flying rat, stunt jump and Stevie's car theft locations in Location teleporter
Comments News
Amirun commented over 6 years ago:
is this will work for v1.0.7.0? :blink:
BuckTheDuck commented over 7 years ago:
Can someone explain to me how to get rid of this ASI File problem it's starting to really annoy me! :furious:
rubynator commented over 7 years ago:
@DJFL I had that to man but you only have to patch your game to! :happy: Now it works perfect by me!! :r*: And sorry for my bad enlish too i'm from The Netherland too! <img src=p" />
DJFL commented over 7 years ago:
Reaal good.! :inlove: but now out of no where, the trainer reacts reaal slow, i have te press the buttons a lot before the trainer finaly reacts, but further in game itself it reacts like normally, :s someone any idea? Greetz, DJFL (sorry for bad english im from holland. :blush:)
IndiJo commented over 8 years ago:
I saw there's a gravity gun option in the enablerdisabler section. how di I use the gravity gun? please tell me.
Taizun commented over 8 years ago:
There's a problem with the Teleporter. I teleported to every single flying rat, in the game, shot them, yet, when I was done, I still needed to shoot one. I went through all the teleports again, looking around the area where I teleported, listening for the ''flying rats'', yet to no avail. I noticed that two of the Teleport Numbers, teleported me to the same place. Exact same location, yet there was only 1 ''Flying Rat'' to shoot. I'll comment, when I find out which numbers it was.
rc_enzo commented over 8 years ago:
This trainer is so clear in comparison with that other "Simple" trainer (which is everything BUT simple). I'm using yours now on patch (or, I lost count :p), so that's confirmed. I've got all patches which I could find for the game.
polodave commented over 8 years ago:
When you change clothes for Niko and put a "special item" , you can't remove it if you save the game. Please correct this bug. Thank you very much :)
Awwu commented over 8 years ago:
No trainer which uses aru's ScriptHook currently works on the patch. He's working on fixing the issue but it might take a while. You can either use the old patch or check back at [ScriptHook thread] regularly to see if there's been any update.
DemonicD3 commented over 8 years ago:
I tried to go on Multi-player yesterday, was not going to use the trainer however I couldn't connect to any servers. However don't really care about that because I always had MP problems. Couldn't stay connected more than a couple minutes before I got disconnected. I had another version of the trainer for about a month. It worked great and I had tons of fun with it. First of all, props on the trainer. The best trainer I have ever witnessed. However during my connection with multi-player, I apparently updated my game and something else. I believe it's 1.9 now or something. The trainer no longer worked so I went back to this site and downloaded a trainer update for the new GTA version. The trainer still doesn't work. So I went back and re-downloaded scripthook latest version and installed it. Still doesn't work. I went back and downloaded two different asi loaders and did both one at a time and neither of them fixed the problem. I removed the .asi loader as it was messing with my saved games for some reason. Anyways, any thoughts on how to actually make this trainer work? Anybody else experiencing these problems after updating? Don't understand, I downloaded the update version of the trainer for the new update version of the game. Should be working? I had it working on before for a month so has to be something regarding the update. However if there a comptable trainer for the version which was stated in the update. Should be working. Quite confused by this.
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Version 1.9.0 released
Hello there once again. I finally managed to release the new version of the trainer. It's also compatible with patch, have fun!

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