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.NET Petrol Mod V3
Now adds fuel to GTA
Information Files
Author: Gangsta Killa
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: 3.1.1 Beta
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 16 Feb 2009
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2009
Views: 154816
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.04879 (41 votes)
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By Gangsta Killa
Version: 3.1.1
Released: Thursday 13th August 2009

I take no responsibility for any damage done to your computer, any files lost or anything else through the use of this mod. Any use of this mod is at your own risk. I have ensured that everything works as it should and doesn't cause do anything that it isn't supposed to.

- Each car has its own fuel tank size and fuel drain ratio. The carDB file has been split up into various sections based on car type.

- Default stations are no longer set within the mod, they are contained in three seperate files., and You can add to either of these by using the addStationHeli, addStationBoat, addStation console commands. See the Controls section for more info. (Note: at the moment you cannot add to the file)

- As well as being able to change the default stations, you can also add your own stations to the file, using the addStation command.

- By user request, I've added back in the Save/Load fuel system, this only stores ONE value of fuel, but can be restored at any time.

- There are a handful of Boat and Helicopter fuel stations within the game. These are designated by the Heli / Boat blip name.

- There should be three types of blip displayed now, A red fuel pump, white fuel pump and a white fuel pump with a you in it. These represent stealing locations, default stations and user stations. (Note: whilst testing I was having problems with these not displaying correctly, but this might only be related to my game.)
As with the previous version of the mod, the following requirements are needed.

- HazardX's .net scripthook version 0.891 or later. (Any verison lower then 0.891 will not work)
- ASI loader, xLiveLess or HazardX's YASIL.
 -> (xLiveLess)

Place the files/folders, gkFuelMod.ini and the fuelModData folder into the scripts folder within the game directory. The fuelModData folder, should contain,,, and (THESE MUST BE IN THE FOLDER OR THE MOD WILL NOT WORK)

The following are the default controls, these can be changed in the ini file. Note if the assignment is a single key, ie E. Then it can only be changed to another single key. And same goes for a key combination.

Turn mod on / off = Control + O
Turn speedo display on / off = Control + S
Turn engine display on / off = Control + E
Turn fuel display on / off = Control + J
Turn hazard lights on / off = Control + H
Turn lights on / off = Control + Z
Turn engine on / off = Control + R
Refuel = R
Save Fuel amount = Control + Q
Restore fuel = Control + W

There are some console commands that can be used to add stations to the mod.

AddStation - adds a user station to the user file. (addStation price radius name)
addStationBoat - adds a boat station to the boat file (addStationBoat price radius name)
addStationHeli - adds a heli station to the heli file (addStationHeli price radius name)

The script is loaded, and the fuel gauge displayed straight away at run time. The engine/light control is active from the start as well, the only aspect that needs turning on is the actually fuel useage. This can be done by using Control + O.

There are three pump icons that will be displayed on the radar, these are for the user stations, default stations and stealing locations.

There are 3 gauges displayed above and below the radar (these locations can be changed in the ini file)

-TOP: Speedo (changes color to indicate fuel drain)
-MIDDLE: Engine (changes color for a visual reference)
-BOTTOM: Fuel gauge

To refill at a station, drive into the station, switch off the engine. Using the key press, if you get out of the car and turn it off by holding the exit button, it won't work. You need to turn the engine off via the scripts key press (Default: Control + R). Now you can press and hold R to refuel. The price depends on the station you are at. The prices can be changed in the ini file. The price is deducted as you fill up. If you have a full tank then you can't fill up. If you don't have enough money then you cant fill up.

If you run out of fuel, the engine will switch off and cannot be restarted, the hazard lights will switch on and cannot be turned off. There are two options at this point.

- Call the mobile refuel service out. Although its not cheap $500 for 10L(if you use default pricing). If you call MOB 555 0100 on the phone, a red marker will appear on your rader, this is the mobile tanker. It should after a while, make its way to you and stop, you'll know its ready when its hazard lights are on. You can then use this as a normal fuel station

- OR you can call TOW 555 0100 on the mobile, and a noose cruiser will be sent to you. This service costs $1000 and refills the car with a 100L of petrol, enough to get you to a petrol station.

You can steal fuel by pulling up in a location marked Steal Fuel and filling up as normal, when you pull away you'll get a 2 star wanted level. The locations are tankers and fuel tanks that are around the islands.

Almost every aspect of the fuel mod can be edited, from stations to car details. To make it easier for modifying items, I am intending to eventually write some programs to do this. But for now it needs to be hand edited.

The ini file controls all of the settings for the mod, and stores the saved fuel value.

Change all the key settings here.

SAVEFUEL = Control, Q
LOADFUEL = Control, W

These are the default start up values for the mod.

MODSTART = false

Change the fuel prices displayed for the default stations and the cost of emergency recovery / mobile fuel.


You can change the saved amount of fuel here

FUEL = 500.9998

Misc settings, change the amount of stars you get when you steal fuel, the amount of fuel to be added when filling up, the default drain amount for cars that aren't in the database. And the engine damage multiplyers. Default tank size for cars not in the database and the amount of fuel gotten in an emergency.

MAXTANK = 1000

Change the positions and size of the gauges displayed.

X = 0.05
Y = 0.945
HEIGHT = 0.01
FontX = 0.03
FontY = 0.94
FontH = 0.30

X = 0.05
Y = 0.70
HEIGHT = 0.01
FontX = 0.03
FontY = 0.695
FontH = 0.30

X = 0.05
Y = 0.73
HEIGHT = 0.01
FontX = 0.03
FontY = 0.725
FontH = 0.30

It is possible to edit the tank size and fuel drain for a particular car. The carDB file is located in the fuelModData folder. YOU MUST KEEP TO THE FORMAT, OTHERWISE THE MOD WILL CRASH.

The data file is split up into sections to allow for easier editing. Lines that have a # are comments. These aren't looked at by the game.

# Name; Hash; FuelDrain(float); TankCapacity(int)

Name: is the vehicles name (I've just used the values in game, but these can be changed to other names)
Hash: Identifys the car in the game, so the correct values are loaded.
FuelDrain: The cars fuel usage. (Smaller the better usage)
TankCapacity: The size of the tank.

I've tried my best to variate the fuel drain amounts. But these can be changed if you're not happy with them

This applies to all the station files, as they are all in the same format. KEEP THEM IN THE SAME FORMAT OR THE GAME WILL CRASH.

If you change the price to 999, then that fuel station is now a stealing location.

# X	 Y Z P R Name
# 1125.11;328.76;29.37;209;15.0;FS: Test;
1769.48;837.3617;16.01755;209;20;FS: Ron;
1129.196;-361.237;18.64359;209;15;FS: Ron;
-479.4366;-208.3802;7.329185;260;15;FS: Globe Oil;
-434.2574;-19.96295;9.443061;209;15;FS: Ron;


-The engine health display can actually reverse the direction when damage to the engine is in the minus.
-The blips might not display correctly and may not have a name. (currently working on this)

If you do find any bugs, then please post them in the Petrol mod release topic at GTAForums ->

Credits go out to HazardX for the awesome .net scripthook and help.

To everyone in the petrol mod topic at GTAForums -> For help with fuel station locations, and some bits of code.

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adam7336 commented over 3 years ago:
Ohh damn not gta sa rip :/:(
dipthong commented over 8 years ago:
sorry this is clean, not a virus. i have a really over protective virus scanner
sgtskywalker commented over 8 years ago:
Hi there! It seems your mod is causing a problem whenever I use my Indicators mod. My indicators don't blink like they should, they instead light up for a second and then... nothing! As soon as I remove your mod, it worked just fine...
at0mbalm commented over 8 years ago:
none of the phone numbers seem to work for me, got stranded and had to walk lol im guessing if i have a bunch of modded cars it might not work? i get a busy signal lol
alankamal commented over 8 years ago:
for those who asked, to write the letters on the phone, look at the number wich contains the letter that you want, T=8, O=6, W=9
alankamal commented over 8 years ago:
celicn commented over 8 years ago:
is it possible to leave the toggle engine to it's deafult settings(so no toggling)?? And is it possible to remove those circles on gas stations?? plz. reply
samy765 commented over 8 years ago:
hi guys, this mod works very well in v3.1.2 with ScriptHookDotNet.asi version and scripthook.dll version just it works with all cars it seem except police cars (police & police2 after testing this vehicules and some other police cars maybe) i check carsDB.xml and this 2vehicules are registred in the database so i dont know why they doesn't work anyone can help me for this? (i try lot of petrol and diesel pump but not working after lot of try, shutdown engine, get out of car , press E as i'm doing for other cars but not workingfor this policecars) edit: im playing on GTA IV v1.0.4.0 ;)
S1lenC3 commented over 8 years ago:
this file is clean just downloaded and scanned it with anti-virus and anti-malware its safe
dipthong commented over 8 years ago:
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2.2 released
I've now released version 2.2 updates include the car database. Which allows each car to have its own fuel drain amount.

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