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Grand Theft Auto IV Beta Mod
Brings back the early stuff of the Beta
Information Files
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: v2.5
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 22 Jan 2009
Last Updated: 16 Feb 2010
Views: 236657
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.26084 (46 votes)
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newest version: v2.5
in development: v3.0

This mod will bring back scrapped/removed stuff from the XBOX 360/PS3 Beta to the PC Version of GTA IV.

The v3 will contain a lot more new features and an installer for all versions of GTA IV.
It's done, when it's done ;)

Team List:
SLAYERMAGGOT - team leader (texturing artist, modeller, tester)
oskarki - tester and texturing artist
BWARazor - texturing artist & modeller
quechus13 - modeller, texturing artist & converter
Dvt-MedShot - texturing artist & helper
senneken - modeller, texturing artist, helper
Rich246 - texturing artist & helper
NorthStarGTA4 - weapon sound creator & helper
nixolas1 - scripter
EduardKoeleJuck - texturing artist, icons creator & helper

Black Taxis - Done
License Plates - Done
Fingerless Gloves - Done
Beta Haircut 1 (From the first trailer) - Done
Beta Haircut 2 (Buzzcut) - Done
Beta Weapon Icons - Done
Beta Jackets (by GTAdedan) - Done
Beta Light Jackets - Done
Black Suit with brown tie - Done
Real Badman without a cap - Done (by oskarki)
Beta Playboy X - Done
Silenced Pistol - Done (by quechus 13, K6Productions, Redlighting & AltF4Destroy, NorthStarGTA4)
XBOX 360 Loadscreens - Done
Beta MP10 - Done (by BWARazor)
Binco Shop - Done
Older Faustin - Done (by quechus13 and me)
Beta Esperanto - Done (by me & senneken)
Beta Ambulance - Done
More Dirty Cars - Done (by quechus13 and me)
Beta Jamican Gangmember - Done (by Dvt-MedShot)
Beta Sex Shop - Done (by quechus13)
Beta Taxi - Done
Beta Sanchez - Done (by senneken and me)
Colored Radio Station Logos - Done
Beta Cavalcade - Done
Beta Dilettante - Done
Beta Oracle - Done
Beta Contender - Done
Beta Stallion - Done
Beta NOOSE Cruiser- Done
Beta Dukes - Done
Beta Yankee - Done
Beta Whiz Theme - Done
Wooden Bat - Done (by Dvt-MedShot)
Beta Jackets - Done
Beta Mickey - Done
Beta Gangster Jackets - Done
Beta Speedo - Done
Beta Manny Escuela - Done (by Rich246)
Silenced Pistol - Done (by quechus13)
Beta Bobcat - Done
Beta Sabre - Done
Beta Effects - Done
FlyUS Billboard @ Bohan Trainstation - Done
Beta AK47 - Done (by quechus13, icon by EduardKoeleJuck)
Roman's Taxi with Chrome Rims - Done
Beta Vigero - Done
Blue Beta Hud - Done (by oskarki and me)
Beta Banshee - Done
Beta Helmet - Done
Beta Buccaneer - Done
Beta Feroci - Done
Beta Schafter - Done
Beta Landstalker - Done (by smokey8808 and me)
Beta Maverick - Done
Beta Mallorie - Done
Beta Car Names - Done
Beta Feltzer - Done
HK MP5 - Done (by GRIM! /r.schuindt)
Niko Bellic's Beta Face - Done (by GTAdedan)
Revolver - Done (by quechus13)
SPAS 12 - Done (by quechus13, icon by EduardKoeleJuck)
Beta Merit - Done
Busses in Traffic - Done
Dock workers carry planks - Done
STANLEY Fireproof Door Co & 24/7 Billboard - Done
Beta Roman - WIP (Jacket by Weirdo.)
STANLEY Fireproof Door Co & 24/7 Billboard - WIP
Coach - WIP
Beta Chinatown - WIP (by Dvt-MedShot and me)
Beta Police Stockade - WIP (by me and senneken)
Beta Car Reflections - WIP
Beta Michelle - WIP
Beta Little Jacob - WIP (by me & oskarki)
Annihilator without the yellow stripe - WIP (by oskarki)
Vlad with a long haircut (by quechus13) - WIP
Beta Police Car - WIP
Rotterdam Tower - WIP
Developers Hud Features - WIP
Beta Cell Phone - WIP
GTA San Andreas Arcade Game (Pogo the Space Monkey) - WIP
Dirty United Liberty Paper Co. Office - WIP
Beta Tracktop - WIP
Zombie Resurrection Minigame - WIP
Cutscene Camcorder Hud - WIP
Buffalo - WIP
Beta Car - WIP
Beta Manana - WIP
NRG 900 Beta - WIP
Beta Desert Eagle - WIP (by Dvt-MedShot)
Beta Brucie - WIP
Beta Mule - WIP
M16A - WIP (by quechus13)

To-do List:

- Previon
- Majestic
- Dodo
- Andromeda
- Fighter

- PS3 Uzi Holding animation CLICK
- Nightstick (with new icon
- Pool cue (with new icon)
- Flamethrower (with new icon)

- Faustin's Suit CLICK
- Packie wears his normal clothes in the Bank Robbery mission CLICK
- Ilyena wears different clothes CLICK
- Beta Derrick McReary CLICK
- Bean Machine assistent CLICK

- Fire espcape ladder near Roman's Taxi Depot CLICK
- Ferry at the Ferry Station CLICK
- Different Burger Shot CLICK1 CLICK2
- Bank of Liberty have see-throughable glass roof CLICK
- Beta 69th Street Club CLICK
- Beta Perestroika CLICK
- Beta Bank of Liberty (Roof & Doors) CLICK1 CLICK2
- Open Bean Machine Shop

- Different looking water CLICK
- Different lighting CLICK

- Yellow weapon pickup CLICK
- Climb telephone poles (mentioned in previews)
- Call for limousine rides (like he can call for taxi rides) CLICK
- Bring prostitutes at home CLICK
- Niko could take a bus ride (mentioned in previews)
- Niko arrived at daylight in Liberty City with the Platypus CLICK

Credits/Special Thanks:
- gamesguru for GTA IV BETA INFO
- Rockstar Games (for the game) Website
- GTAdedan for the Beta Jackets
- xmen for the X Mod Installer/Packer
- aru for SparkIV
- Oleg for the ZModeler 2
- GooD-NTS for OpenIV
- Prince-Link for dff2wdr
- REspawn for G-Texture
- myster92 for EditIV
- quechus13 for his weapons
- GRIM! /r.schuindt for the HK MP5
- r.schuindt for this add 19 more wepons to GTA4 Mod
- EduardKoeleJuck for his Weapon Icons
- Cheiser for the "Dock workers carry planks-mod"
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