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GTA Liberty City Getaway
CJ's 5 years in LC
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Author: nkjellman
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 20 Jan 2009
Last Updated: 11 May 2009
Views: 81158
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3.75674 (37 votes)
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Im going to make a mod that is about CJ's five years in LC.
The mod is for SA. The story line will be about CJs history in LC working with Joey. The time in the mod will go from when CJ got to LC in 1987 to 1992 when he goes back to LS with all new missions. Im going to ask for permission from the people who made the LC mod for SA.

This will have:
*VC cars for the 80's
*SA cars for the 90's
*New Missions
*1987 to 1992 LC map
*You will have 3 new safe houses.

An apartment in Portland

A Penthouse on Staunton Island

A house in Shoreside vale

*This takes place before SA so CJ will not have a pilets licence. That means the gate will not open at the airport but if you ame a gun at the gard he will open the gate and you will be able to steal an aircraft.

*I may have gang wars in portland.

*At JD's strip club I will add a SA strip club Inteareor

*Farrys in portland to Staunton Island and back.

*Fort Staunton will be like in LCS.

*Im may add a old crappy wood brige from Portland to Staunton. Lets just say that the brige gets torn down in 1995 when the Calliham brige project starts. This will be there so that it is easer to get from portland to staunton. If people want it there. It wont change the GTA story in any way. Lets say that the brige calapses in 1993. If GTA fans don't want the brige than it will not be there. I will post a map of what LC will look like in the mod.

You need to download SA:LC beta 5 combo pack.
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Beta 1 now avalable and ready
Enjoy the beta. If you have a comment poast in the What do you think topic or pm me and if you find any bugs poast in the bugs section or pm me so I can help you and fix the bug. Hope you enjoy and have fun.

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