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GTA 3 Total Chaos
Information Files
Author: Nobeus
Works with: GTAIII 
Release/Version: 2.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 10 Jan 2009
Last Updated: 12 Sep 2009
Views: 68059
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3.85713 (14 votes)
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It is MOD PACK of great mods for GTA 3.
 Here is a list of changes:
1. ALL cars from GTA 3 were replaced with their converted analogs from GTA San Andreas(except: helicopters, corpse, ghost, and toy car), with San andreas colors and collisions!
2. ALL cars have real speed - like in real world
3. Almost all models of weapons have been replaced by a better model.
4. In archive included : ENB SERIES ver. for GTA 3
- real car reflections, bloom, and other effects
5. Also this mod include my mod ULTRA HD effects, but version for GTA 3: HD blood, clouds, water, posters, fire, explosions, moon...
6. Include: Asymethrical Player for GTA:3 by Commando Funebrero with some my own created skins.

I might have something forgot to say, but you'll see for yourself, when download my MOD.

Download all archives:,,,
If you don't download San andreas colors and car wheel not will be used. Or wheels would be wrong size. Always download togeteher with

Installation: extract all archives in the corresponding folders. Dont forget to do a backup.
(If you start new game after installation - start GTA 3, wait for game create TXD.img file, and then replace all files)

 UPDATE! Recommended
New Version:1.0 - Added file: Models v.2.0 - Manual install.
1.File included only models and textures which you can replace manually with imgtool v2.0 (included in archive)
2.Size of the archive smallest, than first version. With this version use downloaded, which has not been changed.
3.Not included Asymethrical Player, you can use standard skins, because model of player not changed.
4.Also include HD fonts(1024*1024 font1, and 2048*2048 font2), just replace Fonts.txd

 Attention: for using this version you need installed models v2 or models v1, because version 3 include ONLY textures.
In this version all models now have HD (from 512*512 to 1024*1024, approximately in 2-4 times more, than original) textures for vehicle parts: headlights, engine, tyres, broken glass, scratches, chrome parts, dirt and other things.
For installation of this version you need IMGtool. Open txd.img with Imgtool, and replace original files with files from my archive.

ATTENTION! Download Important FIX for all versions, because without it some cars will not be spawned. Sorry it was my fault, but now all fixed.
Last post in ATTENTION! by Nobeus

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