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Simple Native Trainer
Trainer for Grand Theft Auto IV
Information Files
Author: dualCore No Screenshots Available Yet
Works with: GTA IV 
Release/Version: v1 Beta
Status: Complete
Started on: 01 Jan 2009
Last Updated: 17 Jan 2009
Views: 89093
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.94737 (19 votes)
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version 1.0 BETA Changes:
- you can increase/decrease vehicle speed by value using Num+/Num- buttons. Reconfigure them in the snt.ini section [Misc] value InstantSpeedupVal.
- added ingame weapon menu(F2).
- added ingame time control menu(F5). Allows you to speedup/slowdown/freeze/sync to real ingame time without affecting global game speed.
- all ingame menus are intercepting keyboard now and are using UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrows for navigation. This doesnt affect any ingame operations. Reconfigurable.
- speedometer can be configured for MPH/KPH via snt.ini section [Misc] value SpeedometerMetrics.
- minor trainer improvements
TODO for pre-release:
- episodic weapons
- car control menu
- maybe teleport menu and car spawner, but people alredy released a couple of them

This is my first contribution to the GTA community, so please if you find any bugs - let me know. Also i'll appreciate any ideas for making this tool more efficient and funny smile.gif

What is it?
This is a small asi loader plugin, which allows you to use some funny functions via GUI.

How it works?
This tool hooks game via Alexander's Blade asi loader and calls game's native functions only. No memory addresses, no need for xlive wrapper.

How to get it work?
Just unpack files into GTA root directory and... thats all. All you need next is launch the game, load your save and when you see Niko on the screen - ALT+TAB and set all you want to. Setting values before Niko appears is leading to the game crashes.

What will I get?

1) Time of day settings: here you can set desired time of day - so dont need to carry about mission timeouts and also you can get directly to the dusk/dawn time to watch game's sunrises.

2) Weather settings: simply select the weather you like and set it! No more rain or any othe FPS and mood killer! Let it be sunshine!

3) Player coordinates: this shows your Niko's current position. I'm hardly working on this now and soon I hope you will get more interesting options here.

4) Give weapons: press this button to give Niko some weapons. Note that not all of them will appear in Niko's hands cause some of them are using the same slots. To get the specific weapon use Give weapon dropdown option described below.

5) Give ammo: refulls the ammo for all Niko's weapons.

6) Wanted level: this option is on test. Dont set any level if you doesnt have any already. You need at least one police star to use this option. WIP.

7) Set money: sets Niko's money.

8) Set health (Alt + Numeric 6): set Niko's health. Refulls current health and sets it to the specified limit.

9) Repair car (Alt + Numeric 7): instantly repairs Niko's car in all ways: visual, physical, no scrathes etc.

10) Flip car (Alt + Numeric 8): instantly flips Niko's car upside down if it is ON ROOF. Using this option in normal state leads to funny effects :)

11) Super stamina (Alt + Numeric 0): this is the toogle option. Niko never gets tired when enabled.

12) Invincible (Alt + Numeric 1): Niko is invincible when enabled.

13) Stupid police (Alt + Numeric 2): look at this option ingame

14) Never wanted (Alt + Numeric 3): toogle/untoogle to set Niko never wanted by police.

15) Tank mode (Alt + Numeric 4): toogle/untoogle to set Niko's car be never damaged and Niko cannot be dragged out of his vehicle.

16) No gravity (Alt + Numeric 5): toogle/untoogle to switch global gravity.

17) Limit health (Alt+F2): limits Niko's health to be not more then it set in Health edit box. Can be turned ON/OFF. Blocks normal set health option.

18) Freeze health (Alt+F3): freezes Niko's health to be not less then it set in Health edit box. Can be turned ON/OFF. Blocks normal set health option and limit health option.

19) Give weapon: select the specific weapon from the list and press Give weapon button. Niko will receive a weapon gift.

20) Set car color: select the specific color from the list and press Body color. This option sets Niko's body car color.

21) Set car specular color: select the specific color from the list and press Specular color. This option sets Niko's specular car color.

PS: You can set options 11-18 ON/OFF on your desire.

Hotkey Alt+F1 forces Invincible mode for Niko do not lose it after cutscenes. maybe it can eat CPU so use it on your own decision instead of normal Invincible option.
Hotkey TAB allows you to save anywhere if Niko is on foot.
Hotkey CTRL+SPACE toogles/untoogles special Bullet mode.
Hotkey F1 toogles Ingame menu.
Hotkey F2 toogles additional info.
Hotkey F3 toogles speedometer.
Hotkey Num0 instantly boosts your car up to value InstantSpeedupVal from snt.ini section Misc.

You can find and reconfigure any hotkey in the snt.ini file section Hotkeys.
Also you can redefine all labels for the trainer using Lang section in the snt.ini file.

IMPORTANT: tested only on the patched GTA IV and only in singleplayer game. I dont know whether this tool works for non-pathed game and MP, its on your own risk.

Special thanks to Alexander Blade, listener and Reconsider for their asi loader and help. Thanks impossiblex for using his premium rapidshare account.

ICQ: 225051918

e-mail: [email protected]

dualCore (c) 2008-2009
theepicsurge commented over 5 years ago:
Man I love this mod, but GTA's constantly being updated! Now im on, but im gonna wait to update to 1.0.7 cuz no mods are yet compatible. :bored:
ClaudeCJNikoFTW commented over 7 years ago:
does it work with patch??
WilsonPro commented over 8 years ago:
Anyone Got a Working No Cd/dvd patch or crack For Grand theft auto IV? It's my fav game but the disc is getting scratched. plz E-mail me if you have one... [email protected]
semjase777 commented over 8 years ago:
Left and Right Light Car Indicator ? Headlights with Taillights during sunny day not night . :D
Zhadowcleric commented over 8 years ago:
[size=14] Hii Then Can you Make It Support The New Patch? :D
jorbazz commented over 8 years ago:
When will it support 1.0.4? I'm so tired of those trainers that crashes all the time..
[b0t]hardlyown commented over 8 years ago:
won't work in single player patched
SSL9 commented over 8 years ago:
so... what do you mean by "maybe it eat cpu" do you mean it will erase my files!?
JimJim commented over 9 years ago:
Looks like the author has abandoned this one. (Sigh) It's been more than 3 months since his last update. If you use this hack you need a totally fresh install with no updates, which means no online gaming. So, win the game without cheating first. Then go ahead and "play" with your game anyway that suits you. A word to the wisedo not attempt to use everything all at once. I've found stability with just 3 items from the F1 menu. Tank mode (no one can pull you out of your vehicle and it's invulnerable), Stupid Police (no helicopters and they're blithering idiots), and Forced Invulnerability (always invulnerable). Using the Alt+Tab menu give yourself whatever you want. If you put 9999 in the ammo field you'll have unlimited munitions, such as 25000 rpg rounds LOL. Have fun!
Killatomate commented over 9 years ago:
The speedmeter is great! Any chance you make a version that works with patch 1.030 ?
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