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GTA: Tiberium Infection
Information Files
Author: Revolution-Designes
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 0.1
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 30 Dec 2008
Last Updated: 31 Dec 2008
Views: 16174
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3.4 (10 votes)
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GTA: Tiberium Infection is an major/total conversion for GTA: San Andreas.

This version (version 0.1) features:

- New tiberium effects, like explosions, new water and green smoke.
- New police textures or the Army, police, bikepolice, FBI
- New satchel charges and tear gas grenades
- New Rhino and copbike
- New police vehicles
- 14 new loadscreens
- Tiberium crystals
- Tiberium fields
- New animations for all citizen
- It's 24/7 night because the tiberium
- Green underwater glow

Version 0.2 features:

- The start of a new storyline
- More and bigger tiberium fields
- Bug fixes
- More new textures
- More new stats
- City's will be a chaos!
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