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FreeFall IV (Alpha)
CLEO3 FreeFall IV mod
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Author: JuarezSoares
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 29 Dec 2008
Last Updated: 30 Dec 2008
Views: 77804
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 4.29412 (17 votes)
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Hi, i'm here to show my first released mod, it's FreeFall IV (MOD Queda Livre IV) mod, this mod will add the feature of GTA IV when NIKO jumps off the Heli. CJ will be influenced by inertia when jumping from a flying vehicle, while the vehicle keeps the speed and direction (The flying vehicle don't stops and falls like before). The parachute is removed, so it looks a lot more like GTA IV.

USAGE: Just enter a flying vehicle, increases speed and altitude, and jump off to see what happens! ^^

Here's a Video Demonstration:


* Now the parachute is avaliable, just click (fire button) when you're fallin

* The Camera Shakes like explosion

* The Plane/Heli Explodes when hit buildings/obstacles

* Sometimes the plane/Heli can explode on jump, in this case, CJ will fall like a comet burning.

* Water bug fixed on the BETA 2!

belching commented over 7 years ago:
Um... I have been going through all of the game to see which flight vehicles this will work on. And it seems it works on nothing. There is nothing wrong with my PC or San Andreas, and my CLEO is brand new with no other mods on it. I am afraid to say that this mod is useless. do not get it, you will be as disappointed as I was.
KiraYamato152 commented over 8 years ago:
Please make it die when it falls without paracute... so it'll be more realistic, Thank you
MGUNIT commented over 8 years ago:
sgtpepper2712 commented over 8 years ago:
nice mod but i think its bad that you cant get a parchature :die: :O
TR_Unknown commented over 9 years ago:
When i fall to ground i dont die :S plz fix it
niraj commented over 9 years ago:
:D =p Please add this for cars or tell me how to do it..please. :cookie: :cookie: :catloaf:
masterpoker commented over 9 years ago:
e aí cara! nice mod! :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: but i've found a bug... in the mission home invasion, when you get in the house it says: "Mission failed! The van is destroyed!" i wonder if it doesn't have to do with the line: Car.SetImmunities([email protected], 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) what does that line make? thanks, man, you're good.
niraj commented over 9 years ago:
:cool: make it for cars... are best. if you will make it for car then it will more rea because it is not funny when you fall like a rolling bat from car in normal gta sa <img src=p" /> <img src=p" /> PLEASE[size=9][b][i][u]
BiGtaFan commented over 9 years ago:
I need help... I want to mod San Andreas but dont have any programs... Please can you tell me all programs you use to mod gta... Does anyone knows is there niko bellic voice mod to san andreas... :r*: :r*:
gemaldrich commented over 9 years ago:
Carl wont roll when he hits the ground
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