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Author: nkjellman
Works with: GTA Vice City GTA IV 
Release/Version: v0.2
Status: Work In Progress
Started on: 27 Dec 2008
Last Updated: 11 Apr 2009
Views: 86985
Type: Conversion
Rating: 3.85184 (27 votes)
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I am working on my first mod, a Scarface conversion for Vice City. So far I added a skin that looks like Tony and used the map editor and normal Vice City objects to create a version of Cuba like the one Tony immigrated from in the movie. I have also used Andy’s limit adjuster to change the water boundaries and increase the helicopter height limit. This is about as far as I can go with the tools I have.

What I would like to do from here is to get some tools and assistance so the mod can be completed. I need help with scripting (to create Scarface specific missions) and object editing (to make things like Tony’s mansion, etc.).

Any help would be appreciated. Please enjoy what I have done so far.
Thanks to:
 archiconde for the skins and loading screens.

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A little problom
Ok this is weard. None of my map changes will convert. The only way I have them are on my laptop and if the game is named GTA Vice City - Scarface. If the name is changed or you are on a difrent computer the map changes arnt thare! Can someone help. Oh and in your game is cortezes boat there docked by tonys house because if not then Cuba, The new jet and hanger docked in the airport, Cortezes boat at tonys place (tonys Yaght) ,the camp that was under the highway in the movie ,and the new bilding by the ocean veiw hotel will not be there. When I get a solution v0.3 will be released.

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