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BMW 325ci Convertible
Information Files
Author: Kitteh
Works with: GTA Vice City 
Release/Version: 1.0
Status: Complete
Started on: 13 Jun 2005
Last Updated: 30 Nov 2005
Views: 171649
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.44444 (9 votes)
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Um.. I made it.. yeah.
XxFALCONmodZxX commented over 11 years ago:
for peaple having trouble look in the top right search bar and type gta garage and download first one download this file and open gta garage put all files from the gta garage into where gta vice is installed then open it search the car you are suppose to replace and clic installer then click manual mod install go down to bottom 3 extract dll and txd to desktop and click on the files press install and injoy :cool:
60561617 commented over 12 years ago:
Delete the file from the img and then add the new file :) :)
easterbunny5907 commented over 14 years ago:
Giush*t do you know where to get the convirtable that you hit f1 to make the roof go up and down?
Giushit commented over 14 years ago:
this is for EVILWOLF dude no ofense but yes there is a way to make it convertible just press the F1 button several times until it becomes with the roof but it doesnt happen on this mod by the way its because the author forgot to make one model with a roof thats why (hope i didnt ofended the author sorry)
Xx_ZeVy_xX commented over 15 years ago:
I downloaded it, and when i went to install it, (using img tool) it said "file is to big to replace" wth? how do i fix it?
igloo commented over 15 years ago:
Possible? Yes. Hard? Yes.
EvilWolf commented over 17 years ago:
this may sound stupid noone has ever done it before and i was wondering if you were the it actually "CONVERTABLE" i mean can u press a button or a series of buttons to make the convertable top go up and down?......if its not .....would that be possible to do (im not asking you to do it just asking if its possible
Suction Testicle Man commented over 18 years ago:
I added a pic for y'all. ;)
K.I.T.T. commented over 18 years ago:
upload some pics
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