Slideshow Mod
Mod for GTA San Andreas
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Author: Rapier
Works with: GTA San Andreas 
Release/Version: 1.2
Status: Complete
Started on: 06 Aug 2008
Last Updated: 26 Dec 2008
Views: 31156
Type: Created from scratch
Rating: 3.44444 (9 votes)
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You can have multiple slide files, but limited to 10 images. You can navigate between slides without having to close them, with this method you should have 100 images in total.

See also the discussion topic

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Cell Tennyson commented over 9 years ago:
These Hot girls are making me Horny... :inlove: :rol:
Rapier commented over 15 years ago:
Strange... Make sure that the internal name of the images of the slide slot 10 are correct and try again. :)
war1 commented over 15 years ago:
hei help me, i have problem in slidshow slot 10, when i put slidshow 10 with name "SLIDE_9.TXD" i get bug after i typeing slide in game, but when i remove that file is work normally, but i cant use slot 10 :cry: so that just slot 1-9 i can use. can you help me? sorry for englsih error, iam from indonesia :lol:
Lucario commented over 15 years ago:
i mean , on the mod (''Press Pause to activate the mod'';) :blink:so may you help me if its ''esc'' or......

anyway have some hot coockies :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: :cookie:
nice mod :D
Rapier commented over 15 years ago:
Sorry I do not understand very well your first question. About GXT Hook plugin, probably you installed in the wrong place, it has to be within of CLEO folder.
Lucario commented over 15 years ago:
Hi:D exelent mod , but whatt do you mean by pause ''esc''? well and i have installed gtxhook and it said i don't

sorry for my bad english:bored:
Rapier commented over 15 years ago:
This mod contains a file called SLIDE.TXD where you can edit or insert the images you like. You can add up to 10 images in this file.

* EDIT/CREATE YOUR OWN IMAGES: To create images in TXD format you need the TXD Workshop program. More details in "READTHIS.TXT".
* KEY LIST FUNCTIONS: Open "KEYS.TXT" to see the list of key functions.

See also the discussion topic

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A new version is available to download, version 1.2. See "HISTORY.TXT" for more informations.

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